Her Ladyship's Wife

Set in the modern day, a female member of the Royal Family marries another woman, as told through the eyes of her long time butler and family servant.

I overheard one of the groundkeepers making an extremely lewd comment about her ladyship's choice of companion this morning and so I had him dismissed and made sure to call a meeting of all the staff to make sure such disgraceful misconduct would not be happening again.

While it is somewhat, irregular, it is one's duty - and one's pleasure to do so - to make sure that her ladyship is always happy. While her choices may leave some things to be desired and have caused some considerable problems for the family, I have always stood by her and watched over her and I would have no slandering of her in her own household.

I've been with her ladyship since before she was born, when I was originally serving her mother. Her ladyship likes to joke that she has inherited me like a family heirloom, a not entirely inaccurate analogy one's sure.

It's almost unimaginable that such words would have passed a groundkeepers lips, on duty no less. In my younger years serving her ladyship's mother, the thought would never have even formed in the man's head, let alone such an obscenity actually reach another ear. Such is modern times. The trouble all started when her ladyship got married.

Of course, one would care to wonder why on God's Earth a royal wedding would cause such distasteful events to occur, a ponderance I intend satisfy in these humble notes of mine. The family had been keeping her ladyship's relationship secret, afraid of scandal, something which they were often afflicted with through no fault of their own. However, her ladyship was not to be kept and she refused to back down. Despite the trouble it caused and the tension amongst the other family members, one must admit one felt proud of her.

Her ladyship had been courting her lady for a number of years and with the advent of the civil partnership, her ladyship and her lady friend decided they would get married. Even the royal resources can only stretch so far, but hiding a royal wedding was quite impossible. Of course, once would expect there to be a terrible scandal, a media blitz I believe may be the term. There was much outrage and I am ashamed to say that several of the staff handed in their resignations. Obviously one must have some failings in one's judgement to hire such bigots.

However, as with all things, the initial shock and excitement calmed down and the family and I was left to plan the celebrations and ceremonies that would unite her ladyship and her good lady, a Miss Jessica Whitmore, in civil partnership.

The End

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