Her Aunt

They got in a taxi outside the staion, as they made their way through the winding country lanes she got out her mothers note;

'My Dearest Daughter.

I am sorry to be the one too tell you this have to break this news too you, but your Uncle  has passed away. Your Aunt would like you to visit, well she wanted me but you live closer anyway send my regards, Mum xx'

She sighed, her mother needed to learn how to cross out properly.

When they entered her Aunt's house, a huge toffee brown dog came bounding up too them wagging it's tail exaggerately causing a pile of letters to come cascading onto the hallway, whilst helping her Aunt retrieve the letters she noticed the envelopes were adressed to her uncle, didn't her Aunt understand he wasn't returning. She'd always thought her aunt to be a bit potty...

The house was painted in a faded salmon colour, which contrasted greatly with her Aunts flamboyant dress sense, framed pictures of family holidays covered the walls. Her Aunt led her upstairs and into the room she would be staying in.

The End

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