Onwards by train

She stood on the station platform, shuddering violently as the cold air hugged her tightly in an icy grip. The sun had just disappeared behind the city of Plymouth.

She was suddenly blinded, the trains headlights illuminating the platform and it's surroundings. Everyone ran forward into a crushed mob as they tried to secure a place on the train.

She stood pressed up against the door, she was gradually released from the icy tight embrace and grew warm.

The train set of launching her around the corner of the carriage, once she fell put the man she was squished against saved her.

The train took a long time to reach her destination, the carriages seemed to only shuffle along the tracks. But she arrived eventually.

She stepped out of the train to see that the moon had shimmed up high into the sky, she was yet again embraced by icy hands, but soon after by the comforting hug of her aunt.

The End

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