Into the Darkness

The light gradually came back dissolving the darkness and revealing the field around her. She got up, assessing her surroundings before her sight was drawn towards a great tree.

She headed towards it glancing down periodically to check her footing, only once having to swiftly jump over a boulder saving herself from a face full of mud. Suddenly the tree was upon her, it was gnarled and twisted with age. She reached up, hand extended towards its golden leaves. A great screaming sound started to emit from the tree, it sounded like a toddler screaming for it's mother. She fell back and began to rise, the air whooshing around her before the earth followed her up and she connected with the ground, her hands grasping for help.

She grasped onto grain like objects. She looked up, the world was bright, orange. Her hand contained sand, her eyes gradually adjusting to the suns brightness, showing her to be in a desert, but an ominously large palm tree was in the distance. She went towards it the sand trying to trip her. Below the tree was a vast expanse of water. As she went to drink the sun began to make a drumming sound, it was beating down on her until finally the heat engulfed her and the drumming stopped. Her world was once more pitched into a unforgiving darkness before flashing into a blank white canvas.

She was back in snowy England, but there was a penguin? When did she get to the zoo? She took a step away and the penguin regarded her with a curious eye as a cracking sound occurred, the earth shattered beneath her feet plunging her into to the icy depths of the sea.

She began to swim concentrating on pulling her arms towards the surface, but a weight pulled at her feet grasping her ankles and pulling her further into the sea towards king Poseidon, where he would decide her fate. The sea became a brighter blue and then grew dark again; then bright. It kept happening as a clown fish swam to her. She blinked, she was at the station in the car park and a man stood before her wearing a orange hi-vis.

" Nemo?" She asked before being quietly reassured by the man and taken to the nearest hospital.

She was so stupid to get her hand caught in a train door causing herself to lose circulation in it. At least she was at her journeys end.

The End

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