Her Journey

A short story about a woman's train journey, she ends up in a mysterious land....

Her Journey-Chapter 1

She exhaled, her breath turning cloudy and rising above her head till it disappeared into the cavern of Paddington station.The air was fiercely cold and her train was yet to arrive, she wasn't looking forward to the journey, waves of snow were falling outside as she advanced towards the only empty chair her suitcase began to rattle behind her in a tone of excitement she sat, breathing  a sigh of relief that echoed into the anticipation that followed, then the announcement of her train broke through the silence, clawing into thewaiting area. A pause. Chaos ensued.

As she fought through the mob of tourists and travellers too the gate she thought about her journey so far; Many emotions had occurred too her anguish when the snow fell the night before, joy when the website claimed the train would run as normal and panic as the train to London was delayed. When she got on the train the crush of people jostled her about making her feel as though she was on a ship in heavy seas, people seemed too rise and fall around her. Finally she found her seat and let the world around her fall gradually into place before the train chugged ahead towards it's destination.

Her iPod with her extensive music range on it blared in her ears working it's way through her playlist title simply ':)' she was a ostrich, a simpleton in other words the smallest think amazed her, not least the more entrecôte workings of human medicine and her speciality of radiotherapy. She imagined cancer as a monster hiding surrounded by good people and herself as a wizard trying too find the best way to destroy this hideous, out of control tumourous monster.

She took her book out of  her case and began to read, she didn't absorb any information but she was glad to have something to do. People always seemed wary of others; they never talk to each other mum said never to talk to strangers but as a adult this cuts you off. You end up just exsisting, to worried to strike a conversation up, afraid it might burn up in your face. The world is a complex place so we all delve into the pages of a novel into the past,future or someone elses lives too scared to live our own.

She put the book down and sighed looking around the trains belly and then right out of the window. The world outside was completely draped in a blanket of snow, but at least it had ceased to fall since her departure from paddington station. The omens were good and the sun even attempted to pierce through the cloud, like a flame in a dark forest. The rhythmic swaying of the train made her grow drowsy and eventually made her drift into a peaceful dreamless sleep.

Beep Beep Beep, the sound of train doors opening awoke her from her slumber she looked out the window as the station sign displayed her destination! She jumped up. Grabbed her belongings and charged towards the door staggering slightly due to being half asleep, she launched herself onto the station platform as a darkness began to envelope her.

The End

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