"Alessa?" Cassiel whispered, looking lost and confused. It took all my will power not to charge over to his side and gather him in my arms, to comfort him somehow. I stared into his burning crimson eyes, my heart squeezing with loss and sadness. My angel had become a demon somehow, his once brilliant glow now a haunting darkness that was beginning to affect me through our connection we shared. The flashback of our last conversation between Cassiel and I in the hospital had hit me hard, flooding my mind just a few seconds ago. Apparently, our connection had also been affected, and this demon Cassiel has also seen my memory, which had, in turn, jogged his memory enough so that he knew who I was. Question though, was if that information meant anything to him.

Cassiel took another step towards me, and in reaction, I pulled back to put more distance between us. It didn't matter, Cassiel was now a demon being, one of my sworn enemies. But the thought of even drawing my weapons against him seemed to hinder me, and my mouth dried with the idea that I might have to kill Cassiel. I glared into his fiery eyes in a false front of being strong, faking my feelings, refusing to give ground to the hurt that flashed on his face. He straightened slowly, watching me with fascination and uncertainty, and in turn I studied him. 

Cassiel's tousled brown hair fluttered slightly with the wind, the only thing on him that still seemed the same. His blood-red eyes stared at me in interest, the maroon a dark shade, burning brightly as a contrast to his pale translucent skin,looking as if it was the surface of a pearl. His angel armor had a gaping hole over his heart, looking as if something had been shoved through it forcefully. I shuddered at the thought of that something being stabbed straight through Cassiel's chest. A substance oozed slowly down his breastplate, black demon blood that told me Cassiel was indeed a demon.

 "Who am I?" His voice had morphed as well, becoming a bit harsh in a smooth way. I shivered as his voice ran over me, my skin becoming covered with goose bumps. Glaring at this demon Cassiel, I began to draw away from him, flinging my bag off to the side. I watched as Cassiel tracked the bag's movement, and quickly reached over my shoulder to draw my sword, which began glowing a faint white. Cassiel quickly turned his attention back to me, his blood eyes narrowing at my weapon.

"What's this?" He asked quietly, although keeping a cautious eye on my sword. I twirled the hilt, and loosened my hold on the sword slightly, although readying just in case Cassiel attempted to disarm me.

'You're a demon." I spat, hating how my voice shook. I sidestepped slowly, keeping an eye on Cassiel as he watched me circle him like a prey. "I kill demons." I snarled, my voice coming out stronger than how I actually felt. Cassiel eyed me incredulously, before fixing me with a smirk. "You're trembling." He stated, motioning to my shaking hands. "Either you've never killed before," He paused for effect "or you're afraid of killing me." Cassiel took a step towards me, and I nearly dropped my sword in surprise. He chuckled while I cursed at myself silently, fixing my hold on the sword.

"Judging from your reaction, I'd guess the latter." Cassiel smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. A flash of anger rolled through me, and I quickly twisted the broadsword into my left hand, twirling so the sword point touched Cassiel's throat. His eyebrows raised at my sudden attack, although there was a hint of fear in his eyes. "Well...seems I misjudged you." He whispered, choosing to stare into my eyes. I threw up a mental shield, cutting myself off from Cassiel's dark mind and his possible influence. "Never misjudge me, Cas." My voice trembled, and tears sprang into my eyes. I watched as his blood red stare widened a little at his name, wishing within myself that he'd just transform back to my beloved angel. "I'd do anything for the ones I love." I say, tightening my hold on my sword.

Even if I have to kill them. The thought brushed in my mind, before I drew back my arm, preparing to cut Cassiel's head off.

"And so would I." A slithering voice called from behind me, and twisted quickly, facing the new threat.

Cassiel? I questioned, facing a look alike to my lost angel.'s not. I realized, glancing behind me to confirm that my demonized angel was still there, although Cassiel was now facing this new enemy. I turned back to face the stranger, taking in his features. Everything looked the same; everything but his eyes. This stranger's eyes had a killer's intent in it, like a predator veiled in his mind; unlike Cassiel, who still had the eyes of an innocent. If there was such a thing as an innocent demon.

"Who are you?" I demanded, pointing my sword towards this new demon. He laughed, the sound coming out as if two silver forks were scraped against each other. "I'm Isuel, Cassiel's brother." Shock filled me, but I shook it off, instead trying to decide if Isuel was a bigger threat than Cassiel. My body reacted quickly when Isuel attempted to step closer to me, and I spun around, twisting behind Cassiel and baring his neck to my dagger I managed to grab from the hidden sheath on my thigh. Isuel growled, his eyes flashing in hatred before the look disappeared and he fixed me with a small smile.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." he said in a sing-song voice, before snapping his fingers. I watched in horror as two imexes came out from the darkness behind Isuel, dragging Kyle by his clothes. "Kyle!!" I gasped, nearly running towards him, before Isuel swung his arms out, commanding the two lesser demons to stop. "Let him go!" I yelled, bringing the dagger closer to Cassiel's throat, ignoring the sharp inhale my lost angel took as it nicked his skin.

Isuel tutted, before reaching down and lifting Kyle up by his jacket. Kyle's head swung loosely, but I could see that his chest rose with each breath he took, announcing he was alive. "I'll let him go," Isuel smiled, "if you let my brother go." I glanced at Cassiel's face, taking in his questioning gaze to his twin brother, before looking at Kyle's limp form. I knew my decision before my mind could make it up.

"Deal." I muttered, and I bite back a snarl as I watch Isuel smile happily. He threw Kyle like a rag doll towards me, and I watched at his human form crumpled in the dirt. "My brother." Isuel motioned to Cassiel, who I shoved away before running to Kyle's side.

"Kyle?" I whispered, turning him over so I could look at his face. He's still sleeping. I breathed a sigh of relief, before turning to stare at Isuel and Cassiel. They were staring at me, Cassiel fixing me with a curious look, and Isuel eyeing me in hatred. "I'd kill you now," Isuel laughed, and I felt a coldness settle in my blood. "if I didn't find you so entertaining."

Isuel turned with a chuckle, and began walking away. "Come brother." He called, the darkness enveloping his form. "We have much to do." His voice called from the shadows.

Cassiel watched me, his eyes searching, before turning away and following his cursed brother, not sparing one last look back.




The End

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