Faint RecognitionMature


"Cassiel!!" A voice cried. My eyes shot open on their own accord, and I stared up to the dark canopy above me, small stars twinkling in the heavens. The darkness seemed to greet me as it's own, as if I was born from it, strengthening me and healing my body. I slowly turned towards the source of the voice, and my breath was stolen from me.

Running towards me was a beautiful girl, her dark hair as black as night, and her brilliant blue eyes tickling my mind as if I knew her. I frowned as I tried to grasp the familiar feeling, which slipped between my hands as if it was avoiding me. I heard her gasp, and her steps faltered, her eyes staring at me in horror, as if I wasn't who she thought I was.

A low chuckle escaped me, and I sat up, still staring at this alien girl. Her skin was pale, maybe too pale, shining like a milky light in the darkness. Rolling to my feet, I stretched out my arms, feeling wound up and tight. I heard her suck in a startled breath, and I caught her staring at my bare chest, the gaping hole slowly healing in front of her eyes. A smirk formed on my lips, and I began to walk towards her.

"Who are you?" I ask slowly, oddly enjoying the spiked fear that seemed to emit from her. She cautiously backed up as I advanced, so I stopped walking towards her. I didn't want her to leave, she was too...mystical. And the fact that she somehow seemed familiar to me left me wondering and questioning just who she was.

"You...you don't know me?" She whispered, her blue eyes wide with pain. Her voice was soft, as if a violin was playing a melancholy tune, and I briefly closed my eyes to enjoy it.

"Am I supposed to?" I replied, a small smile forming on my lips. Her fear morphed to unbelief, changing from a taste of addicting sweet taste to a sour lime. I grimaced at her reaction, but watched her coolly. She seemed to regard me briefly with pained eyes, before she blinked once and then the look was gone, replaced with a hooded caution. 

A warmth brushed against my mind, and I stumbled back in shock, eyes wide with mystery. It felt as if there was a small flame slowly burning in my mind, as if everything I held was no secret to that single light. I felt naked, exposed to the mysterious warm presence neighboring my consciousness, and in the spur of the moment, I gently pressed against the presence. I heard the girl gasp quietly, before being flooded quickly with blinding images of a hospital room, the walls a cloudy white, occupied by me and unfamiliar faces.

Cassiel? It wasn't your fault...please don't blame yourself.. The thoughts rang loud within my mind, and I stumbled back, thinking that someone was actually talking to me. A faint image of the same angel I had once seen when I had first woke up flashed before me, and I frowned incomprehensibly. Who is this Cassiel? And why did this girl call me that name? The angel had a blazing aura around him, like the sun resided within his heart. Slowly, my vision rose in the images, as if I was looking up, and I came into eye contact with burning golden eyes.

It's too late for that, Alessa. The angel replied, sounding as if he had been doomed for all eternity. For a brief moment, I was no longer this "Alessa" and I could view the images in a third person point of view. My eyes widened when I noticed that the girl with night colored hair and deep blue eyes was the one in the hospital bed, the one who I had been sharing these memories with for a small moment. And for a fleeting moment, everything around me became a chilling cold, as if I was once again empty of all feeling.

The memory disappeared quickly, and I stood shaking in the dark forest. My surroundings now seemed too dark, as if it brought an ominous threat with it. 

"Cassiel?" The familiar girl whispered, and I looked up to her slowly, reveling in her features that brought me a sense of comfort, but also a feeling of great confusion. 

"Alessa?" I questioned, the name slipping off of my tongue, confusing me even more, but also bringing a sense of connection with this mysterious girl who knew me more than I possibly knew myself. 

I ignored her faint sigh of relief as I battled with my mind. Who am I? And why can't I remember anything before I woke up? 

The End

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