They Hunt Me AliveMature


Fear hit me like a freight train as I felt the warm connection between Cassiel and I die into a freezing cold presence. The connection that once blazed brilliant within my mind became occupied with a dead essence, that felt both alien and familiar at the same time. It felt as if a barrier had formed between Cassiel's mind and mine, like an impenetrable shield that popped up out of nowhere.

A gasp escaped me when I felt the dark presence move against my consciousness, and I nearly ran into a tree right in front of me as my feet stumbled in shock. My head whipped around to stare at the darkness behind me, thinking that someone was watching me. However, all I seen was the dark shadowed forms of the trees I ran past, the once visible tree line to the entrance of the forest swallowed up by the night. I swallowed, my mouth dry with fear. I hate the dark, but Cassiel needs me, and I can't leave him to fend for himself, even though he's an angel.

With a pounding heart, I continued on deeper into the forest, but this time, a little more cautious. The trees around me seemed to loom over my diminutive size, as if threatening to smash me at any moment. I tried to shake off the feeling of dread, but only succeeded in making it worse by actually paying attention to it. Using the alienated connection between my angel and I, I slowly followed the call, though it seemed to be the trumpet cry of my doom. 

You're just overreacting, Aless. I thought hastily. Stop being a wuss, and find Cassiel.

The connection between Cassiel and I seemed to just get heavier and heavier with each step I made, and soon it felt like I had a brick in my skull instead of a brain. I groaned quietly, holding my head for a moment, while I leaned against another tree. It wasn't until I tried to breathe deeply that I smelled something pungent, like the scent of a dead animal. My eyes shot open, and I bit back a cry as I was greeted by a familiar sight.

It seems as if my dreams had come back alive, or maybe I was still sleeping. The clearing that appeared in front of me was littered with Imex carcasses and the dead body of the demon Heshiath, the very ones who tortured me in my nightmare.

Or was it even a dream?

A sound startled me, and I turned to the right of the clearing, a gasp ripped from me as I seen Cassiel on the ground, his once brilliant skin a pale pearlish color.

"Cassiel!" I scream, his glorious name ripped from my throat as I took off running towards my friend, my fallen angel.

The End

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