What is this feeling within me? It burns, like the morning star resides within my heart. 

I clawed at my chest, a groan of pain slipping between my clenched teeth. I couldn't remember anything, just the inky darkness that lived within my mind. Pain. Pain is all I could feel as my heart burned with a skeptical fiery breath that felt as if I had a furnace within me. I cried out again, ripping the clothing that covered upper body, to expose my burning chest. My hand fluttered over my heart, and I could feel puckered skin, as if my body was scarred. 

Who did this to me? ...Who am I? Anger rose within my body, and I let loose an unearthly roar. The pain in my chest spiked for a split second, then began to cool as if I had doused myself with ice cold water. I was becoming empty, empty like a vase with no flowers to brighten its image. I felt so cold, and a part of me missed the everlasting heat that had once lived within me. A spark of fear hit me, a fear of being nothing, of having nothing. It hit me so hard that I gasped with realization. 

I couldn't stay like this. I need light, I needed life. And it was then, that I sensed something as bitter as black coffee, like the tip of my tongue was doused in the taste. I grimaced, the taste becoming stronger as if I had swallowed a whole cup of black coffee. Bitter.... I think to myself, allowing the taste to overrun my mouth. I figured that the taste meant that someone was smug, like a quieted happiness of being right. How did I know what it was though? And why are they smug? 

Images flashed behind my eyelids of an avenging angel wielding a flaming sword charging up to me, and I winced in retaliation. The burns... I think, paralyzed by the burning sensation of the brilliant angel. For some odd reason, a stirring feeling of recognition of the angel shifted in me, and I frowned incomprehensibly. That couldn't be possible, I knew no angels. 

That's because I am a demon.

The End

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