Determination Is The KeyMature


Once escaping the hospital with Kyle, we journeyed back to my house so I could change into more appropriate clothes. By then, the pain in my chest had subsided to a dull ache, both relieving and worrying me. I had dressed in flexible pants, and a thin skin tight sweater, so I could move fluidly but comfortable should the need arise. After getting my gear, which included two simple daggers marked with runes that Cassiel drew, a single broadsword also fixed with similar runes as my daggers and a small backpack filled with food and supplies, Kyle and I had left my house before my grandparents could wake.Now, we were north of my home, my instinct telling me to follow the winds that blew around us. Call me weird, but I could feel the elements guiding me to my Cassiel, gently urging me to move continuously to the northern borders of the forest surrounding my small town. Kyle coughed, his breathing short and I glanced at him as we continued to run towards the northern direction. His face was pale, his eyes dropping with exhaustion. I knew that we needed to find Cassiel, but I didn't need Kyle to start dying on me.

I pulled on his arm, steering us left to the forest line we were following parallel to Kyle dropped to the ground in gratitude, huffing as if he had just run a marathon. I leaned against the trunk of the oak tree beside me, trying desperately to catch my breath. A glance at the watch I managed to snatch up from my dresser made me groan in despair. It was already 2:43 am, three hours after we left the hospital. We're wasting time. I thought angrily. We need to find Cassiel! I rounded on Kyle, ready to snap at him, but stopped short when I seen him hacking up blood. 

"Are you okay?" The words stumbled out of my mouth, and I dropped to my knees beside Kyle, awkwardly patting his back. He stopped coughing, and nodded weakly as he wiped his mouth. "Don't worry about it, Aless." He shot me a small smile, and leaned back to sit down. 

Alarms blared within me, and I swung my bag off my back, ripping the backpack open. Snatching up a bottle of water, I twisted the cap open and motioned for Kyle to open his mouth. Once he did, I popped in a small pill that I palmed from my pocket, slipped it into Kyle's mouth and then poured some water after it. Kyle swallowed quickly, staring at me in surprise. I could see the drug take over Kyle's consciousness, his eyes dropping quickly. "" Kyle whispered, before slumping over himself, snoring escaping from his mouth. I grimaced, knowing I gave Kyle a sleeping pill with out his consent. But I was determined to get back to hunting my angel down, and I didn't need Kyle to collapse on me, not when we were so close.

"I'll be back Kyle." I whisper, pulling out an emergency blanket used to trap heat within it, and gently covering Kyle's sleeping form with it. The wind blasted in my ears, and I slowly stood, the cold breeze chilling me to the bone. 

With fiery eyes, I continued on towards the northern forest, where my angel awaits.

The End

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