On A MissionMature


I awoke with a gasp, sitting upright immediately. "Alessa!" Kyle was to my left, holding my hand gently, his eyes wide with concern. The burning sensation in my chest had heightened to a boiling point, and I winced as another wave of pain shot through me. We were back in my hospital room, an IV line connecting itself from a needle in my hand to the morphine stand to my right. There was a blond nurse to my right, and she gently, but firmly pushed me back against the back of the bed. 
"You need to rest, honey. Something happened, and we're still trying to figure out what it was." She said in a soft tone. She glanced at the EKG monitor that spiked when another wave of pain hit me, and I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying out. I made eye contact with Kyle, pleading with me eyes. Please Kyle, please get the message. His eyes clicked with registration, and with a subtle nod, he slid away from me and walked outside of the room. Tears pricked my eyes as the pain scorched my chest, and I grimaced as I felt the nurse squeeze my wrist softly. A sudden blaring sound echoed throughout the hospital, and soon after a downpour of soft water sprinkled down from the water sprinklers for a fire. The nurse cried out when the rain hit her, more from surprise than fear. She glanced around, and frowned, with a slight panic in her eyes. "I'll be back, sweetie." She hurried out of the room, leaving me to myself. I could hear the chaos outside, the pitter patter of running feet. The burning sensation in my chest shot into a molten frenzy, and unable to hold it back anymore, I let loose a cry that strangled my throat. 

Of course, no one heard me over the chaos of screams and unhushed questions. I could hear the faint words of "fire alarm" and "evacuation." However, I glanced out of the curtains closing my private room, and in came Kyle, drenched with water, but a slight guilt in his eyes. "That's what you needed, right?" He asked me softly, hesitant. I nodded, biting my lip to keep from crying out again. By now, my hospital gown was soaked, and thank God for my grandparents insisting to the doctor I keep my bra on. The cold water did nothing to soothe the pain in my heart, and I feebly reached for Kyle.

"Help me." I whispered, cursing my body for being so weak. Kyle came over and gently swung my legs off of my bed, supporting my head as I struggled to stand. "I need to find Cassiel, the angel you seen in the picture." I told Kyle, my feet feeling alien as I stood on the cold tile floor. Kyle, hesitant once again, gave me a glance-over and I seen the concern take hold in his eyes. "I don't know Alessa...." He started, but I doubled over from another wave of excruciating pain. 

"Please." I whispered desperately, tears forming in my eyes once again. Kyle closed his eyes, at war with his mind, but then fixed me with a determined stare. 

"Let's do this." He muttered, crouching down to pick me up in his arms, just like my missing angel; the one who needed saving now.

The End

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