Riddles Of A VoiceMature


I was swimming in this dark essence, feeling weightless and numb. I couldn't see anything, and when I tried to feel around to find something solid, my hands slipped through empty space. It was pitch black, so dark I couldn't even see my hands even if I held it up to my face. I knew I should have been panicking, or at least be a bit worried, but I felt empty, like a pit replaced my heart. Each step I took felt like I was just gliding, floating around like a ghost. I began to walk forward, not wanting to stay still, because I wasn't sure if I was here alone. 

"Kyle?" I whisper, wondering if he was here with me. Instead of his familiar voice, I only heard silence. That is, until I felt something brush, literally, against my mind. 

What do you seek, child? The voice came from my mind itself, sounding like the breath of a gentle wind. Somehow, the voice seemed both alien and familiar to me, the tone tickling my memory faintly. But the familiar memory slipped out of my reach, and frustrated, I turned my attention back to the voice. 'Who are you?" I ask, and I felt the presence caress my thoughts. I am nothing... It replied gently, leaving a warm trail in my head as it moved around my consciousness. And I am everything. It answered again, using a bit more force into it's words. I couldn't tell if it was a male or female, the tone giving too much away, as it morphed constantly between a man's voice and then a woman's. Confused, I swayed unsteadily on my feet, and sunk slowly to the ground, not wanting to fall on my face. The voices in my head ceased, and I enjoyed a few seconds of blissful peace, until the voice approached me again. 

What do you seek, child? It asked again, not overbearing but strong enough to make me know that it could easily destroy my mind. A spark of fear echoed in me, a faint emotion that despite what it was, I held onto. Better to feel afraid than to be an empty shell, I guess. "I need to get out of here." I answer and the voice laughed softly. Do you know where here is? It replied, obviously amused by my stupidity. Anger rose in me, and the wave of unsteadiness disappeared, and I sat up with a growl on my lips. "I don't care where here is. I need to save Cassiel!!" I shout, knowing I couldn't harm the voice itself, but not caring nonetheless. The presence hesitated, and I could feel it's interest and awe radiating off of it. Cassiel? You mean the angel who saved you from the demon who killed your family. It murmured, gently caressing the memory of the horrid night my parents and sister died. Shock filled me, but I fought it off, curious. "How do you know Cassiel?" I ask, but the voice didn't reply to me.

It was several minutes until it spoke softly into my mind. Cassiel is not who you think he is. It whispered, and I felt a rush of alarm go through me. "What?" I stammer, feeling a rising suspicion and anger with the unknown presence. You must go. The voice interrupted quickly, wariness in it's tone. Your angel needs you. I could feel the voice slipping away from my mind, but questions still plagued me. "Wait! What do you mean Cassiel needs me? What's wrong with him? Where is he?!" I shout, frustration playing it's role in my outburst. The voice paused and I could fill it overwhelm my mind as if it tried to merge itself into me. Your angel is in danger. Just listen to your connection to him, it will lead you to your dear Cassiel. It said softly, barely a whisper. As for your other questions, you should go and see with your own eyes. And with that, the voice disappeared entirely from my mind. "Wait!!" I yell, turning in a circle, seeing nothing but darkness around me. 

"How....do I get out of here?" I mutter, shivering from the fear that played in my mind. 

Seek the light, and it will guide you. The voice replied from nowhere, and with that, I knew that I was alone. I spun in a slow circle, doubting the voice, wondering if it was playing a game on me, when I spotted it. A faint glow just off to my left. 


 Light. I think to myself, heading towards the brightness with a light jog. It wasn't until I ran for a little while that I realized that I stopped floating and could actually feel my legs moving beneath me. I looked around, and seen that the darkness began to fade, and that I could see the outline of my hands when I glanced at them. In front of me, the faint light source swayed, just a bit farther from where I stood. Relieved, I ran towards the light, feeling more alive with each step. A faint stir in my chest began, a slight thump that mirrored my steps. The faint beat throbbed, and began to pound against my heart, bringing life back to my limbs and emotions. By then, the light had engulfed my body, and brought a brilliant heat that shook me out of this abyss and back to the real world.

The End

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