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A laugh escaped me as Kyle, once again, tripped over his own feet, nearly falling to the floor in the process. His eyes glanced around in mortification, trying to see if anyone else seen his near-fall, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that no one witnessed his clumsiness. That is, no one except me.

"Shut up." Kyle muttered, red with embarrassment, but a faint smile played on his mouth. I stopped laughing, trying to be serious as we continued to walk, but a smile always seemed to form on my lips. The scene of Kyle nearly tripping came back to mind, and unable to hold it back, hysterical laughter escaped from my mouth, costing me several curious looks from passing doctors in the hallway. I choked back another fit of laughter and tried to hurriedly move away from the nurses, not wanting them to recognize me and drag me back to the prison of my hospital room.

So...I didn't exactly get doctor permission to walk around and stretch out my sore muscles. The nurse watching over me in substitution for Kyle's dad refused to let me get out of bed. So once she left, I forced Kyle to watch outside of the room for any nurses coming my way and changed out of the hospital gown to my sweats and a thin sweater, not wanting people to see my naked ass if I walked around in the gown. Of course, Kyle doesn't know that I wasn't supposed to walk around, seeing as how I told him to wait outside when I asked the nurse if I could get exercise. I'm not planning to tell him either, since I just know he'll demand that I'll return to my room and if I refused, he would literally drag a doctor my way to make me go back to the prison of my room. I needed freedom, and somewhere private to talk to Kyle.

I glanced at Kyle, who kept a steady pace besides me, his hands in his pockets as he watched his feet in determination. How can he see Cassiel..? It's a topic that intrigued me, but I didn't want to start playing detective with Kyle in a hospital room equipped with who-knows-what kind of gadgets. The last thing I need now is doctors declaring I'm a lunatic and should be placed in an institution for talking about interacting with angels and demons.

We rounded the corner of another hallway, and I bit back a growl of anger as I came into view of several doctors discussing something quietly. The hospital is never empty!! I trudged slowly, fighting the urge to roll my eyes at the doctors, who now began to give Kyle and I thoughtful glances. Surprise hit me when I felt Kyle grab hold of my elbow and jerked me to the left, nearly causing me to fall on my knees. I shot Kyle a glare but he just smiled at me, seeming proud of himself. I looked in front of me, and came face to face with a blurry reflection of myself from grey elevator doors.

"Roof." Kyle whispered, and I mentally gave him a pat on the back. Nice thinking, clumsy feet. I thought considerably, and walked into the elevator when the doors opened with a ping. We stood there in silence, and Kyle let go of my elbow, his ears turning a bit pink. I looked around at the elevator, studying my reflection in the blurry grey walls. The elevator began to ascend, and I felt my stomach drop a little with the speed of the rising elevator. No one spoke a word, but I reached out with my mind again in search of Cassiel, but disappointment hit me when I came up empty-handed. Tears threatened to spill as my mind brought up Cassiel's torn expression when he seen the pain I was in, the guilt plaintive in his eyes.

Where are you, Cas? I thought mournfully, looking down at my bruised arms. The splotches that were black and blue the day I checked into the hospital were now a pale yellow, signs of a healing bruise. The healing process which was predicted to take a week by my doctor was now scheduled to end tomorrow, which was when I could check out of this hospital and go look for my absent angel. Why did my body accelerate the healing process? I have no idea why or even how. My assumption would be that since I'm such an odd being with the ability to commune with supernatural beings and fight demons, I can heal faster. I wouldn't be surprised if that was why.

"Hey, you okay?" Kyle asked me, and I turned to meet his concerned eyes which reminded me so much of my angel. Not trusting my voice, I nodded jerkily and quickly slipped out of the elevator doors when it slid open. The night air caressed me and I closed my eyes briefly to enjoy the cold touch. Mentally thanking my grandparents for my sweats, I walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. Vertigo caused my vision to sharpen on the ground, and I pulled back from the edge, fear making me unsteady. Kyle comes up beside me and frowns at the sky.

"So..." I mutter, going to sit on the edge, letting my feet hang off the ledge. It scared me, but I didn't want to stand, and this morphine that the doctors pumped in me was causing me to be a bit risky with my life. Kyle follows my lead, sitting down as well, his arms crossed as he stared out into the distance. It was pitch black, save a few stars that twinkled in the universe. Dull hospital roof lights shone to the side of us, dimly lighting up our surroundings.

"So." Kyle responded, looking a little uncomfortable. I cleared my throat, and stared at my hands. "How are you....?" Kyle glanced at me, his eyes dark and brooding. "How am I able to see angels and whatnot?" He finished my question and I nodded slowly. I could tell that it was a sore topic when a sadness flashed in his eyes, and he looked away at me.

"Nevermind, you don't need to tell-" I start, but Kyle cuts me off. "No." he sighs and fixes me with a haunted look "It's fine Alessa." He looked back out to the dark night, and I settled back, feeling guilty for bringing it up, but sort of glad that I finally could talk to another human being about it.

"It was a peaceful night," Kyle started, his voice becoming airy and distant. "much like this one. I was the only one home with my mom, since my dad had a late night shift with a cancer patient in his care at that time. I was only eight years old...." He closed his eyes as if he was in pain, and I resisted the urge to pull him into an embrace.

"It happened suddenly." Kyle voiced, his tone quiet and deadly. "I was in my room when I heard my mom scream from downstairs. I ran down the stairs, scared but worried for my mom. I never expected to see a demon with it's claws through her chest, bearing her beating heart in it's open hands." I watched as Kyle began to shake slightly, unease in my mind. Nearly the same thing that happened with me... I thought suspiciously, and a gut feeling of unease filled me.

"It looked at me, as if I was an odd creature. Even though I just watched my mom die....I was curious of the demon. It was nothing like I'd seen before, but I was scared of it." Kyle hunched over and his shaking became more vehement. "I didn't expect it to come after me...."

"Did...." I said slowly, and Kyle looked at me sadly. "Did an angel save you?" I asked, and surprised filled me when Kyle shook his head no.

"No, I saved myself." He murmured, and respect filled in me for him. "It was an accident though." Kyle sighed. "When the demon chased me into my room, I tripped with a pencil in my hand, and the demon fell on me, the pencil stabbing through it's chest." A dark image of his words popped into my mind, and I flinched at the gruesome face of the dark being.

Kyle shuddered, and I immediately reached out and put an arm around him, trying to comfort the guy. Kyle gave me a faint smile, and closed his eyes. "I'm not sure if killing the demon gave me "powers" or something, but since then, I've been able to see them." The night fell into silence and we both stared into the night. So....we share a similar past... I think, but refused to think back on the night when my world changed. I stare at Kyle, feeling selfish for being glad that I share something in common with someone else, even if its a dark history tainted with blood.

A sudden burning in my heart caused me to gasp, and I hunched over in pain. The sensation was as if someone stabbed me with a red hot iron sword, igniting my entire body with excruciating agony. I nearly rolled off the roof, but Kyle grabbed me before I tumbled over the edge. "Alessa?" He asked hurriedly, concern in his voice. The pain doubled as my tears began the spill, and I curled into a ball, feeling fragile. The world became a blur, Kyle's voice morphing into a demonic slur of my name. I knew it wasn't because of me that the pain hit me, and concern battled the agony as I thought of my angel.

Cassiel... I thought faintly, as glorious darkness claimed my mind.

The End

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