Dark Places And Ravaged MindsMature


I don't know where I am. The heaviness in my eyelids refused to let my eyes open, and I gave up with moving as my body failed to respond to my request. I could only let out a groan with a low growl as I felt my body sway. I'm being held like a sack of rice, someone's shoulder digging into my stomach. I feel dead, heavy and devoid of emotion, like an empty shell of a living being. A low laugh sounded out of the darkness, and I felt a chill crawl over me. "Relax brother. I'm not going to hurt you." Isuel let out a slithering hiss. "At least, not yet." 

Panic broke the numbness in me and I opened my eyes. It was dark still, but I could smell the faint scent of death, and I looked up. We were in a forest, dark and haunted with shadows, looking exactly like the forest in Alessa's dream. The tree tops were so thick, I couldn't see the night sky, so I let my head fall back down. "Where are we going?" My voice was weak, but I forced it out with effort. "You'll see." Isuel answered in a mysterious tone, and with that, we broke out of the forest, coming to a clearing. I was ungraciously dropped to the ground, my body slow to move as I rolled over to my stomach with a groan. The pungent smell of decay was strong here, and I looked around, eyes widening when I seen the dead corpses of the imex pack I slayed in anger. So it wasn't a dream..? I thought confusingly, and looked at Isuel.

My twin brother had his back towards me, his black wings stretched out a little, and I stumbled to my feet, swaying as I fought to regain control of my body. I watched as Isuel bent down at Heshiath's body, but my vision swam and I had to close my eyes to fight the nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I was able to open them again, Isuel's red eyes were right in front of me, amusement playing at his lips as he smiled slightly. "Are you alright, brother? You look a little sick." He went to put a hand on my shoulder, but I pushed him away in anger. "Do not touch me." I warned, wishing I sounded stronger. Isuel put his hands up in peace, and smiled wickedly. "Very well, brother." He turned back to Heshiath's body, and walked in a circle around it. 

Isuel wore a black garment, something that you'd see worn way back when a Rome still existed. He walked bare foot, his pale skin competing with the opaque darkness of his clothes. His once amber brown hair bled white, making him look like an aged angel. The only thing on him that spoke life was his fiery red eyes, completing his look to make the stories of "angel of death" seem all too real. I shivered as a wave of coldness hit me, and I fell to my knees in response to it's artic bite. "What are you doing?" I managed to spit out, studying my brother's movements with interest. Isuel ignored me, and began to circle Heshiath's body the opposite direction, keeping his blood eyes on the body. 

I need to escape... I thought tiredly, but my body didn't want to move, preferring to stay still and rest. I battled against the heaviness in my limbs, and shakily stood up once again. I backed up one step at a time, my body swaying like I was a drunken man. I kept an eye on Isuel, who had stopped moving around Heshiath's body, which had begun to smoke. My twin stooped down prodding the Varous' body, and disgust rose in my throat. I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to hurl as the waves of sickness wracked my body. Once I felt certain I was alright, I opened my eyes once more, and stared straight into Isuel's burning eyes, humor a lit in his pupils. 

"Why brother, where do you think you're going?" He asked smoothly, placing a cold hand on my cheek. "We've only just begun." Isuel flipped me over his shoulder, and I collapsed on the ground in a heap, my body still weak. He let out a blood-chilling laugh, and picked up my feet, proceeding to drag me to Heshiath's body. Decay filled my nostrils, and I coughed repeatedly, shivering. The Varous' smoking body laid to my side, the blood still bleeding from where I severed his head from his neck. Isuel tutted and crouched by the neck, looking at it in interest. "Why brother...I never thought you had it in you to kill." I coughed once more, and felt the familiar stir of anger in me. "He deserved it." I spat, enjoying the look of surprise in Isuel's eyes. 

"It seems he was right.." Isuel murmured, a gleam in his eyes. "You are already in the process of changing...this will make it so much easier." Changing? I thought, but I let the question slip from mind as I watched my brother scoop up a bit of Heshiath's flowing blood, the black sludge smelling like old fruits. I could do nothing as he stepped over the Varous' dead body and crouch beside me, a faint smile on his mouth. 

"This will not be pleasant for you, Cassiel." Isuel snarled, though he still smiled at me. "But I will enjoy it." With that, Isuel stabbed through my breastplate with his clawed hand, cutting through my skin and bones til he exposed my heart. The pain registered quickly in my head, breaking the numbing trance I had been in as I let out an agonized cry, strangled from my throat as my voice hitched. It felt as if I had a limb torn off ruthlessly, and had to be cauterized with nothing but a red hot iron sword. My vision filled with red, and I could see nothing, but I felt Isuel shove his hand in the hole in my chest and smother my heart with a wet burning liquid. 

Another cry was torn from my lungs as a new pain filled my sense, as if I had magma poured into my body, burning my insides slowly. I began to cough, hacking up what tasted like fresh blood. The smell of decay never left me, but seemed to get stronger as the agony intensified to where I began to see black. I could hear Isuel laugh, a low slither like a snake, and I felt his breath on my cheek. 

"Don't worry brother." he said quietly, though I could hear the smile in his words. "I'll be the first to welcome you into the family." 

Those were the last words I heard as the darkness climbed and overtook me, my mind claiming unconsciousness once more.

The End

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