Eyes That SeeMature


The feeling of my hand being squeezed pulled me from my haunted dreams, bringing me back to reality and the world I didn't want to face yet. I blinked rapidly, my bleary eyes heavy with medicine induced sleep, threatening to close and stay closed with each blink. Turning to my left, I felt a blooming hope grow in me in thoughts of seeing my angel, but popped abruptly when I came face to face with Kyle, the boy I helped "save" from being beaten up by Derek. He was sitting on a chair near my bed, leaning onto the mattress. His eyes widened when I stared at him, and I glanced at his hand wrapped around mine, not liking the feeling. Kyle, realizing that I was glaring at his hand, reddened and pulled his hand away from mine, looking mortified. 

"I'm sorry." He stammered, fumbling with his grey shirt, looking anywhere but at me. "I just-I mean-" I weakly lifted up my hand, stopping his continuous flow of words, my head beginning to ache at his loud voice. He abruptly shut up, and looked down at his clasped hands, and I let my arm fall back to the bed. I'm still in the hospital, the white walls making me feel nauseous and confined. I longed to be back at home, where I had open windows and fresh air, not constant murmurs of doctors and the sound of moaning and cries everywhere. This place feels like a morgue. I thought weakly, not liking the depression that plagued my surroundings. I glanced around the room, hoping to see those familiar golden eyes, but disappointed when I realized there was no one here, save Kyle and myself. 

My grandparents have gone home to get me a change of clothes, promising to be back before the night came. I glanced at the clock to my right, and noticed it was only 12:32 in the afternoon. I've been in the hospital for two days, and Cassiel hasn't dropped in to see me ever since he left me the first night of my stay. Cas... a sadness hit me, and I tried to put the thoughts of my angel to the side, not wanting to get a headache or start to cry. I turned my attention back to Kyle, who was studying me. 

'Why are you here?" I asked, immediately hating my body more for making my voice come out soft and strained. Kyle shook his head, his eyes focusing on the bandage on my face before making eye contact with me. "I wanted to visit, to see if you were okay." He answered quickly, looking nervous all the while. I looked at his hair and the connection between the male doctor who looked after me and Kyle flashed in my mind. "Did someone tell you that I was at the hospital?" I whispered, and Kyle's eyes widened. "Yeah." He murmured, looking shy. "My dad told me that a girl with weird injuries was put under his care over dinner last night. I didn't know it was you til he said you had blue eyes and your name was Alessandra." I nodded slowly, not wanting to trigger a headache, and settled back into the pillows that supported me. So the doctor that takes care of me is Kyle's dad, huh? Interesting... 

The ache that attacked my head let me know to stop my racing mind, and I sighed. Nothing seemed interesting here, not even the T.V. My thoughts drifted to Cassiel, and his flashing red and gold eyes. Cassiel.. I thought mournfully, missing his warmth more than anything. I hated feeling weak, but I despised the fact that I couldn't get up and look for my angel. Inspiration hit me, and I looked over to Kyle, who was studying the picture that was on my desk at home that my grandma brought to the hospital upon my request. I asked her to bring it so I could picture Cassiel with me then, since he was absent now. Sadness fulled my determination, and I cleared my throat. "Kyle." I say, my voice coming out a bit stronger. He looked at me with surprise and scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah?" 

"Can you help me get out of bed?" I asked quickly, my face reddening with mortification, but I refused to back down. "I want to walk around a bit, get a little exercise." He looked uncertain, and began to fidget with hands nervously. "Alessa, I don't think that's a goo-" He started, but I cut him off. "Please? If anyone asks, I'll tell them that I needed to get up, but I only trusted you to help me get around." Kyle's eyes brightened at my words, and he smiled slightly. "Alright, I'll help you." He got up and stretched out a little. "But quick question..." He said slowly, glancing back at the picture of me on the beach. "Hmm?" I asked, happy to get out of bed. Nothing could have prepared me for what he said next.

"Why is the angel I seen by you the first day I met you, with you in that picture?" Kyle asked me slowly, and my breath was stolen away as I stared into his eyes with shock. 

He can see Cassiel... 

The End

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