Mirror This AngelMature


I slammed into the side of Alessa's house, pain barely registering in my mind as the agony shot up my arm. Collapsing on the familiar azure roof, I glared at the stars with my vision tinged red at the edges. Flashing images of Alessa's terrified eyes, of her being bitten and attacked repeatedly plagued my mind, and I bolted to my feet. I couldn't stay still, my body still shaking with rage, quite visible from my quaking hands. I quickly sprinted towards the edge, and jumped off, spreading my wings to fly. However, all they did was collapse on me and I crashed into the ground like a wingless bird. 

I deserve it...I deserve this... I thought, and roared at the calm sky, anger hot in my throat. I bit back a cry, and abruptly begin to convulse in tiny shakes. A pit in my chest grew enormously, swallowing my anger like a black hole. I opened my hands, and caught a tiny drop of water that fell. Is it raining..? I thought, and looked to the clear skies, confusion settling in me. Something trailed softly down my cheek, and I touched a finger to it, pulling away to see wetness on my hand. What is this? A memory of Alessa crying came to mind, and I gasped softly.

Are these...tears? Water continued to run down my face, and a wail squeezed through my clenched teeth, shattering the silent night. A bleak, dark feeling possessed me, and I curled into a ball, waves of sobs racking my body. This feeling is alien to me, the darkness bleeding into my mind. All I could picture was Alessa's torment, her screams, her wounds, the images becoming a constant reminder to my failure of being Alessa's guardian angel. 

Some angel you are. A voice whispered to me, it's tone cold and lifeless. I gasped and sat up on my haunches, the feeling of being preyed on clinging to me. I spun in the slow circle, glancing to the empty window's of Alessa's house to the dark night surrounding me, trying to determine where the threat came from through my tear-filled eyes. You are weak... The words hit me hard, and I fell to my knees, a sense of being overpowered filling me. I sat there, feeling dazed when pale bare feet entered my vision. I tried to look up, but a heaviness held my head down, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. 

"Who are you?" I whispered, my strength ebbing away with every second. A soft laugh answered me, the sound making my skin crawl and the hairs on the back of my neck erect with caution. The figure crouched to my level, and a cold, bony hand gently grabbed my chin and lifted my head up. A gasp is strangled from me as I come to eye-contact with eyes that mirrored my own, although the color was of pure blood-red.

"Why Cassiel," the dark angel slithered and smiled wickedly, tilting his head to study me. "don't you recognize your own brother?"

Shock filled me as a hold on my consciousness strengthened.  "Isuel.." I whispered as my consciousness failed on me,  pulling me into a dark abyss, the image of my brother's red eyes the last thing I see before the darkness claimed me as it's own.

The End

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