These White WallsMature


Pain. That's all I could think of as I drifted in the state of the unknown. My cheek burned where the demon Heshiath clawed me, feeling like I was being branded with white hot steel. I could feel this pulsing sensation in me, making my head ache and my body scream for mercy. That sensation flowed in my veins, igniting my blood as if I was being boiled alive. I let out another scream, my throat feeling raw from all of my cries. Cassiel, where are you? I whimpered, and struggled to move my limbs which felt as if they were on fire.

"Hush.." I hear a faint voice in the dark, and I try to focus on it, trying to see the light. My body refused to move, unable to obey my command. "Alessa..." The voice drifted again, seeming a little stronger then before. Help... I think, wishing I could reach to the voice and pull myself towards it. A cooling feeling touched my forehead, and I reveled in the relief. I let out a small cry as it disappeared and the fire returned to my veins.

"She's showing signs of waking." I hear another voice, one sounding professional and businesslike. I moan as the cooling sensation returned, giving me brief relief as it touched my face. Cassiel... I groan again as the darkness fought to claim me, promising me an eternity of torture. 

Alessa.....wake up..... I hear my angel's voice fill my head, banishing the throbbing ache in my skull. Cas.. I reach out for my angel, but failed to move at all. Frustration hits me, and I fight against the invisible bonds holding me down. That's it Alessa. His sweet voice is louder now, filling the dark corners of my mind. Fight the infection. 

Infection? I have no time to ask Cassiel about it when my eyelids fluttered and I opened my eyes. All I could see were white walls around me, and the sound of a heart monitor beside me. I realized, with a start that I'm in a hospital, and surrounding me were my two very worried grandparents and a stern looking male nurse. I turned to my right, and there stood my angel, looking worn out. He still wore his warrior armor, the demon blood still on his equipment. He put his hand on mine, and I closed my eyes to focus on his warmth. What happened, Cas? I glanced at my angel's face, and he turned away, his eyes downcast. Deciding to give him time, I turned back to my grandparents and the doctor, who began to scribble down some notes on a notebook. 

"Honey, we were so worried.." My grandma starts, bursting into tears and coming near my bed, grabbing hold of my limp arm and holding my hand to cheek. I wish I could comfort my grandma, but moving seemed to be out of the picture when I tried to sit up. "I'm okay grandma." I croak, my voice coming out scratchy and deep. A fit of coughs hit me, and I hacked up blood, which dribbled onto my chin and landed on the thin blanket laid over me. My grandma gasped, and was gently pulled away by my grandpa as the doctor slipped on latex gloves and cleaned the blood up with some tissues. 

"Alessandra, is it?" The doctor asks me, and I nodded slightly, the action making my head pound. I forced myself to relax as the doctor wiped my mouth and focused on his face. His blond hair curled a bit, resting in soft curls around his head. High angular cheeks marked his face, making him look feminine and haughty. However his eyes caught my interest, looking quite familiar. I stopped thinking about it when my head throbbed and leaned back, allowing the doctor to clean the blood that trailed down my neck before he discarded the tissues into a waste basket by the curtained door behind him. My grandma sidled up to my bed, and once again placed my hand on her soft cheek.

"Your granddaughter should be fine." The male nurse announced, holding his clipboard near his body. "She sustained most of her injuries to her arms..." The rest of the doctor's words drowned out of my ears as I turned to face Cassiel once more. He hasn't moved at all, his hand still on mine, his eyes towards the ground. I reached out with my mind, and brushed against Cassiel's consciousness. Cas? I see his face rise to meet mine, and I inhale a gasp as I come into eye contact with Cassiel's eyes, fear striking me as I see the familiar molten gold flash red and back to gold again. 

Cassiel, noticing my reaction, averted his eyes, and pulled out of my reach. Cas? My angel ignored me, and turned away. I could feel my grandma touching my face, but I paid no attention to her, only watching my sweet angel walk away from my bed. Cassiel, what happened to you? Your eyes....they're-

My eyes are the way they are as punishment, Alessandra. Cassiel's voice shook, and he turned his face sideways to look at me with his familiar golden eye. Punishment? Why does he have punishment? From who? Cassiel, seeming to know my thoughts squeezed his eyes shut and went rigid. I cursed my body for being so weak, wanting to get up and comfort my angel, but watched in dismay as he visibly began to shake. Do not worry, Alessandra. Cassiel's voice came out as a growl, and I see him bite down on his lip. This is a punishment.....I have earned. 

I hear the sadness and pain in his thoughts, and I forget all about my injuries. My body obeys me as I lurched upwards into a sitting position, my head swimming, but determination fueled me. I hear my grandmother gasp, felt hands try to pull me back down, and my body scream in agony, but I ignored it all. I try to get off the bed, but the hands trying to make me lay down again pulled me back. I hiss, and try to shake my grandparents off as I go to swing my legs off the bed, but suddenly Cassiel is there, holding my legs down on the bed, his touch burning hot. He refused to look at me, though his body continued to quake. I reach out and gently stroke his cheek, not caring that no one else could see my angel.

Cassiel's eyes closed as if he was in pain, but he didn't pull away. Sighing, he leaned into my palm, and placed both his hands on my head. "What is she doing?" My grandma asks in confusion, but I ignored her, continuing to trace Cassiel's jaw. I let him gently place my head on the pillow, making eye contact with his now golden eyes, wanting to know what had happened after the fight, but not wanting to ask. Do not worry Alessa. Cassiel whispers in my head. Just remember to fight the infection. 

His lips brush my head, leaving a hot comforting sting that traveled slowly within me. I sighed and closed my eyes, suddenly feeling fatigued. Rest princess... and he pulls away from me. I reached out with my mind and brush his thoughts once more. Cassiel? It wasn't your fault.....please don't blame yourself... 

Cassiel sighs and I feel his genuine sorrow once more. It is too late for that, Alessa. 

And with that, my angel disappeared into the world, leaving this room feeling empty, bleak and cold.

The End

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