Save Me NowMature


I nearly snarled in frustration as the demon lord dodged my stab for the fifth time, a disgusting smile on his split mouth. Not once has my anger dampened, the fire coursing in me as if it was the sun beating in my chest. I side stepped to my left, putting myself between Alessa and the demon once again, determined to keep Alessa safe. The demon lord glanced at Alessa, interest sparked in his eyes, and I took the opportunity, slashing down at his arm.

He reacted too late, surprise in his eyes as he tried to dodge my attack, but screamed in pain as his severed clawed hand fell to the ground, twitching and bleeding the familiar black demon blood. His blood-curling wail echoed in the night, and I once again put myself between Alessa and him, the white hot anger in me driving to the point of nearly going insane. I constantly had to look at Alessa, the tired look in her eyes, the shake of her multated body, just to keep my mind in check. I look back at the demon lord and barely dodge his clawed hand as he swiped at my eyes. When I looked at his face, I felt a sickening pull in my chest. The bulge beneath his smooth skin where his eyes should have been began to move, and press against his skin as if it wanted to burst out. In fact, it did.

Nothing prepared me as I see snakes burst out of his skin where his eyes should be, darting forward to snap at my hand. I pulled back, and eyed this demon with new interest, the snakes striking me as a familiar sight. Where did I hear about this demon before? I try to place his face somewhere in my memory, but dropped the thought when the demon hissed and charged me. He goes to claw my face, which I back away from, and slice down with my sword, just barely missing his arm. The demon lord hissed at me, black liquid oozing out of the gaping holes where the snake burst out of, trailing down his face like tears. "Who are you?" I snap, sinking back into stance and keeping with his constant movement. The demon only hissed at me, his forked tongue flickering at my direction. 

"His name is Heshiath." I barely hear Alessa, her voice soft and weak. Alarm fills me at the demon lord's name but, I glance back at Alessa, taking in the sight. She looked worn, her eyelids fluttering persistently like a butterflies wings as it flies. I watched in horror as the veins on her face began to turn black, looking like spider webs spreading across her cheeks.  One look at the gash on her face, and I knew she was poisoned, the wound sizzling and black sludge bubbling out of the laceration. "Cassiel..." I watch as Alessa falls to the ground, her eyelids shut as her body convulsed in small seizures. 

A sharp pain in my arm brought me back to attention, and I swing my Angel Sword in reflex. I hear a cry, and turn to see a snake head attached to my arm, it's fangs buried deep within my limb. I pulled it off, and flew it to the ground, shaking off the flash of pain that shot up my arm. Heshiath is howling, having fallen to the ground in pain as the rest of the snake wiggled, spraying demon blood everywhere. I stepped close to the demon lord, my mind more focused on getting Alessa out of here than torturing Heshiath for hurting her. The demon lord faced me, the other snake out of his right eye coiled and looking ready to strike. "You'll never get away withhh thissss..." Heshiath slithered, a growl erupting out of his mouth. He already knew he was done for, and I smiled wickedly. 

"I already did." I say, and whip my arm down, beheading Heshiath with my Angel Sword. I watched as his head rolled away, coming to rest a few feet from his body, the snake slithering as it slowly died. I turned and walked back to Alessa, letting my body absorb the Angel Sword once again. She had stopped convulsing, and instead looked so pale with black veins, that it was as if she had been a demon harpie. Shaking off the thought, I gathered her in my arms, letting the natural warmth in me flood out to encase us both. "I'm so sorry princess.." I choked out, taking in her appearance and feeling my chest clutch in turmoil. With a kiss to her cold forehead, I brought us both out of the hell in her dreams, and back to reality.

The End

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