The Dance of DeathMature



I look up and see Cassiel charging us, rage etched into his face. Relief flooded me, and I could finally breathe easier than before, taking in everything slowly as I watched his usual white garment peel away in pieces to reveal his usual warrior armor. He held an Angel Sword high above his head, the blade looking like it was made of burning liquid. The light it gave off illuminated half of Cassiel's face, casting shadows to the other half. In a way, it made him look as if he was split in half, one part the familiar Cassiel I knew, and the other half of a dark angel I have never met. The imexes surrounding me glanced at Cassiel, a low whimper in their throats. Seeing an opportunity, I let out a strangled cry and lifted my own weapon high, and brought it down with vengeance to the imex in front of. 

My sword made a clean cut, separating it's disfigured head from the rest of it's body, and I watched as it rolled away from me. The pungent smell of decay hit me, but I ignored it, twirling to the next imex with determination. The pack snapped back to attention, turning away from Cassiel and growling at me. They never knew how much of a mistake that was, until it was two late.

Cassiel darted into the midst of the imex pack, a hatred in his golden eyes. I felt fear cling to my throat, but I shook it off. It's just Cassiel. It's just Cassiel. I repeated it as a mantra, and focused on the imex charging me to my left, which had leaped to slam me into the ground. Rolling onto my back, I stabbed upwards when the imex passed over me, surprise in it's eyes and my Angel Sword split it's body in half. Black sludge colored my blade, sizzling into nothing as I raised my sword and balanced it between my two hands. A glance to Cassiel showed that he had finished off the rest of the imex pack, sludge all over his arms and his armor, making him look like he just finished working on a car. His Angel Sword shined as if it was the sun, and I had to look away as my eyes stung. 

Dead corpses surrounded us, the sharp scent of death, blood and decay in the air, like the thick morning fog. I winced as I slowly walked up to Cassiel's side, taking comfort in the familiar warmth that he gave off. The cuts the imex pack gave me stung, but the single gash on my face from Heshiath hurt worse, as if I had a thousand needles deep in my cheek.

"Are you alright Alessandra?" Cassiel's voice breaks, and I hear the shake in his tone. I look up to him, his beautiful eyes filled with sadness, and give him a slight nod, not trusting my voice to answer before I let out a pained wail. Emotions were in a turmoil as I seen Cassiel look towards Heshiath, who seems utterly amused with his faint smile, but fear in his eyes. 

"Who are you Angel..?" Heshiath spoke, caution in his form as he slowly circled us. Cassiel placed both hands on his Angel Sword, his body quaking and somehow I don't think it would be from dread. Cassiel's lips pulled back, and he bared his teeth as if he was a vampire. "You are in no position to ask me that, Demon." Cassiel snarled, the anger in his eyes sending a shiver across my body. I watched as Heshiath's distorted mouth pulled up into a grin, and his tongue flickered in the darkness. The light that both Cassiel and his weapon gave off played with the shadows, making Heshiath look more demonic and dangerous. The Varous demon laughed softly, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand in apprehension.

"Why should ressssspect thossssse who have the ability to kill you withhhhout even trying.." Heshiath's voice slithered, his cheeks pulling up and his grosteque mouth opened to wide grin, letting me catch a glimpse of his forked tongue and his countless tiny fangs, all of which look as sharp as my own Angel Sword. Cassiel growled and stepped in front of me. "The only one who will be dying tonight," Cassiel's voice came out hard, like he was struggling to hold back "would be you." And with that, Cassiel dashed forward and swung down at Heshiath with his Angel Sword. Fear took hold of me, as I watched Cassiel and Heshiath spun around, Cassiel going for a killing blow and the Varous demon easily dodging it as the slippery snake he is.

The End

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