Revenge With WrathMature


I could feel something was wrong even before I had reached the block where Alessa's house was. A cold sensation hit me out of the blue, and I lost control of my wings for a few moments before I was able to right myself. I already knew who was in danger and fear gripped my heart. Alessa!! With a pounding heart I forced myself to transport to Alessa's side, closing the distance between us with a nanosecond. 

She was thrashing in her bed, moaning as tears ran down her face. Her cheek was cut open, already looking like it was infected. Her arm swung back and forth, as if she was wielding a weapon, but the sight that horrified me the most was the cuts that appeared on her body though there was no one there hurting her. I was frozen for a moment, watching as bite marks appeared on her arms. Blood spots soaked through her shirt, and it spurred me into motion. I grabbed hold of Alessa's shoulders and shook her roughly, fear choking me. 

"Alessandra!! Get up! Get UPP!!!" I yell, but watch in dismay as she whimpered and attempted to strangle me. I let her go, and pull away, a dark feeling overtaking my soul. Alessa continued to thrash around, her mouth open in a silent scream as a bite mark appeared on her neck. Anger built in me and I seen red around my vision. I grabbed hold of Alessa's arms and pinned it to her side, and still she struggled. "Alessa!!" My words proved to be worthless, and she continued to buck underneath me. I knew there was something wrong here, and a sense of a demonic aura leaked off of Alessa. Determined, I placed my forehead to Alessa's, closed my eyes, and entered her dreams.

I appeared in the middle of a dark forest, the trees creaking ominously in the whispering wind. The light within me lit up around me as if it was daylight, and I spun in a circle, looking desperately for Alessa. "Alessa!!!!" I yelled with all my might, letting my wings manifest and help light up the forest. I waited in silence to hear any confirmation that Alessa was here, and was about to yell again when I heard it. The faint sound of snarling and screams, coming from my right. Anger welled deep within me and I crouched, shaking with emotion. "ALESSA!!" I roared, blasting off the ground towards the sounds to my right. The trees in front of me stood no chance, snapping away with the aura I gave off and sizzling as my light touched it. I zoomed through the forest, the wind roaring in my ears as I blasted through the forest, to a moonlit meadow where I saw Alessa being tormented by a pack of imex dogs and a demon lord. 

Something in me snapped, and I felt a flooding flow in me, as if I had molten lava in my veins. I couldn't see anything except Alessa's pale limbs being bitten and torn with each attack an imex dealt, her black hair flying in a raging mess as she tried to shake the demon dogs off of her. And lastly I see her wide terrified blue eyes, the same exact pair I seen on a the little girl I came to care for 11 years ago. The exploding, molten emotion in me built up, climbing into my throat and making my lungs feel as if it was on fire. Enraged, I drew out a weapon from my hand, brandishing it high. It was unlike anything I've seen before, the sword's hilt made of a light metal, which reflected the fire in my eyes. The blade of the sword however, was made of a molten hot liquid, which possibly could have magma, or rays from the sun herself. Pushing my awe aside, I let my rage take control and blasted towards the crowd surrounding Alessa.

"I'LL MURDER ALL OF YOU DEMON FILTH!!!!" I roared as I neared, raising my weapon above my head and enjoying the fear that the demon lord reeked of as he turned his eyeless face towards my direction. I couldn't wait to slaughter them all, tear them apart limb by limb, hear their cries of mercy and laugh all the while.

The End

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