Hunting PartyMature


I'm running for my life through a misty forest. My breath is coming in short gasps, erupting as smoke in the frosty air. Sweat beads trail down my face, but I ignore it, my fear driving me to keep going, and not get distracted. All I see is darkness surrounding me, and I barely make out the outlines of these trees to dodge it as I sprint. I'm wearing a white wedding dress which occasionally got snagged in the twigs beneath my feet and the low branches of the trees. Damn dress!! I should just cut it!! I just realized what I thought, and suddenly a knife appeared in my hand. I made quick work of the skirt of the wedding dress, cutting it mid-thigh so I could stretch my legs at full length. I fling the cut skirt behind me, and take off again, holding tightly to the knife.

I knew it was just a dream, but it didn't stop me from being frightened. I could hear snarling behind me and snorting sounds, and immediately my heart beat quickened. It's a hunting party. As if on cue, I hear a piercing howl from an imex, a demon hunting dog, and I know that it has caught my scent. Panic filled me, and I'm slipping between limbs of trees, refusing to fall behind. Sounds of breaking branches are getting louder behind me, and I look around for anything, ANYTHING to get me out of the forest. 

My eyes scan to the right in desperation- there! I can see just a hint of light, maybe filtering through the tree tops, but light nonetheless. I change directions, and slip a little in the mud. The wind is blowing away from me, taking my scent away from the imex hunting party. Maybe I'll get out of this alive.... I think as I run break out of the forest, coming to an illuminated meadow.

Or maybe not. I realized to late that I had ran into a trap, and I was quickly circled by a group of snarling imexes. Spittle flew out of their disfigured mouths, and they foamed like they had rabies. All of these demon dogs were a horrible sight to see, with empty eye sockets that bleed and open angry gashes that looked infected. They had no fur, just over grown muscles beneath their smoking skin. They had claws for paws, razor sharp nails that could stab through my skin as easily as a butter knife could go through Country Crock butter. The smell of decay reached my nose and I gagged, disgusted. 

The moonlight played with my mind, making the imex pack look larger than what they really were. Palming my knife, I sunk into a fighting stance, wondering harshly where Cassiel was. A booming laugh startled me, and I snapped to where it came from in wariness and fear. It was a dark shadow, which stood outside of the imex circle. I looked behind me to see if I could make a run for the forest but several of the demon dogs cut it off, as if they knew what I was thinking. I glanced around the circle, a cold determination cutting through my fear and quickly started to think of strategies. However, with their numbers and only me, it wasn't a high chance that I would get out alive.

It's just a dream Aless. Just a dream. I repeat it to myself as a mantra, trying to calm my nerves. Quickly, I concentrated on an Angel Sword, focusing on the blinding light, the sweet lavender scent it gave off, and the heat it emitted. I felt an unmistakable fiery presence in my right hand and I brought the Flaming Angel Sword near my face. Now that I had a better weapon, I felt more confident, more assured that I could get out of this situation. The imexes yowled at me, but kept their distance, which probably meant they knew what my weapon was. I shifted my attention to the shadow, which seemed to be advancing on me. The two imex near the shadowy figure parted for it, and the shadow came closer, but not to where I could strike a killing blow to it. 

"Who are you?" I ask, my voice coming out steady and strong, complete opposite of what I really felt. Once again, I questioned where my angel was since he would always be with me, even in my dreams. The shadow laughed, a deep laugh, and I knew it was a man. "Who are you?" I ask once again, this time tipping the sword so the tip would face him. He immediately stopped chuckling but a slithering sound came out of his mouth. 

"I am Hesssshiathhhh." It spoke, and I could already tell that it was one of the Varous, a high level demon which could control lower classed pawns. I tightened my hold on my sword and scowled. "You don't belong here." I spit, my courage raising as I absorbed the heat of my fiery Angel Sword. The demon Heshiath laughed a guttural chuckle and pulled back the covers blocking it's face. I suck in a gasp at it's features and felt my heart go cold with fear. 

Heshiath had no eyes, just the darting eyeballs beneath smooth skin. His jaw had a slash across, widening the length of his mouth. His forked tongue darted out of his mouth, having blood on it's surface. I watch as his tongue dipped down to the ground and back up, his head never moving. I felt disgust and go to stab him in his face, only to have him snake around my thrust and come right beside me. Suddenly, I'm frozen, my limbs refusing to move, no matter what I tell them to do.

I feel his tongue like the side of my face, darting into my ear quickly. "You are misssstaken little girl..." His breath smells of dead animals and fresh blood, causing me to gag again. He placed a clawed hand on my cheek softly and smiled. I close my eyes to avoid looking at his bleeding mouth, the skin dangling from the rest of his face. Heshiath licked my face again and dragged one sharpened talon down my cheek, and I gasp as I felt my skin split slightly beneath his caress. 

"You are the one who doessssn't belong here." He whispers and cackles as he snap his fingers, commanding the imex pack to close in on me with an unquenchable blood thirst as I'm released from my imprisonment, left to fight the imex horde and a Varous demon alone.

The End

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