Reminiscing MemoriesMature


The wind blew gently in my ear as I flew around the town Alessa calls home. The street lights gleam their bright orange glow, illuminating the road that several cars drove on. I glanced around and see several windows lit up with lights, marking that someone in the household was awake. The wind picked up a little, and I spread my wings, letting the breeze bring me higher, away from the ground. It was a bit cold, frosty like several blocks of ice, and I stretched, allowing the cold to embrace me.

Maybe others would think that the cold represents loneliness and a solitary life, but I feel like it awakens the body and the person within. I enjoyed it's freezing bit, knowing that if I can feel, then I am alive. Alive like the stars.... I stop, and face the midnight blue sky, so dark, but dotted with twinkling stars all around. So fascinating.... I have lived on Earth for a while now, maybe for 20 years. I was only 4 when I met Alessa, and saved her from the imp that murdered her family.

Scattered thoughts of that day comes rushing back and I watch transfixed as the flashback hits me like a freight train.


I look around, confused of my whereabouts. A pale white room surrounds me, sheets flown around the room. The bed in front of me has a gigantic bite mark in it's headboard, and I feel a dark presence in the room. I turn slightly to my right and there it is, staring at me with utter hate and fear. The imp looks horrible disgusting, blood dripping from it's bared gangs, a guttural growl climbing in it's throat. It crawls on spindly poles, something that looks like a spider's legs, spiky, but with razor sharp hair. Boils spot it's body, bubbling beneath it's skin like oil on a stove. Although it had a mix of animal body parts, it's face is humanoid, though a but disfigured. It has scars running across it's face, it's eyes repeatedly darting, making me think that it can't see. Slits as nostrils open wide with each sniff, and pointed ears perking up with each second. Although I feel it's emotions rolling off it's body, I also could sense another spirit in here...a....innocent spirit. 

One....of a child. I turn and see a small figure standing behind me. It's a female child, her eyes squeezed shut and her face turned slightly away. She has a growing bruise on her cheek, and blood spots along her white dress she wore. Her pale skin looks so dainty, making her seem like she might break any moment. Her black hair was a mess, tangled and in a bunch behind her head...

She looked so scared, and I could feel her fear stronger than the imp's....a sense of protection filled me, and I turn to face the imp. "Leave." I command, speaking in Angel Tongue. I can feel the power behind the command, but it only succeeds in making the imp flinch. The imp growls at me and it's grotesque mouth pulls up at it's corner in a devilish grin. "You do not have enough power, Angel." I feel the anger and bitterness in it's tone as it spoke back in Demon Tongue. "You can not force me to leave here." The imp laughs and rose up on it's hind legs, balancing perfectly for something so hideously created. "Come and make me obey your command, little bird."

The imp went for insult but I brushed it off. Anger never does any good for an angel, and I learned that when I was still in Heaven, resting with my Father. Focusing, I concentrate on gathering the light within me, and felt it burning in my core. I transferred it to my left hand and it transformed into a blazing sword, illuminating the room with a brilliant gold light. It was as light as a feather, maybe even lighter, though that would only be for the beings of Light. Placing both hands on the hilt of the sword, I eyed the imp and smiled menacingly. "Very well, imp." I see it's mouth morph into one of rage and we dash towards each other with determination.

It was over quickly, the imp's body ashes by the light, it's scream still echoing in my ears. It was funny how although the imp is a Demon and one of the dead, that by being ashed by the Sword of Eternal Fire, it could smell so sweetly. I let my body absorb the sword, the burning sensation spreading to my limbs. My wings flutter slightly, and I float over to the little pale child, who has not moved from where I had first seen her. Her eyes are still squeezed shut tightly, and I let my inner glow dim a little so she could open her eyes and see. I turn to asses what has happened in the room, letting my sense heighten so I could still feel what the child was doing. She was in the process of opening her eyes ever so slightly, and when she could finally see clearly, she stared at my back and coughed. I turned slowly, and drew in a startled breath when our eyes locked together. 

Lost sea blue eyes stared into mine, filled with so much emotion, that I could pick it out. The fear in her dilated pupils, the sadness in the flecks of green that were scattered in her eyes, and the mystery in the blue. It was like a rainbow, so many distinct emotions but put together, made one of the most beautiful creations. Her eyes fill with wonder, and she wobbles over to me and I smile as I gently grab her hand.

"Hello." I say in the Human tongue, the word sounding odd and alien. "Hi." She replies in a soft, breathy voice, like a softly played violin. Something within me felt a need to protect this little child, who looked barely even 6 years old. I could feel the loss coming off of her soul, and I knew that the imp had done a deed that has scarred her for the rest of her life. "You're safe now." I say quietly, and gather her in my arms, singing softly as I let her drift off in my embrace.


Ever since then, I've been by Alessa's side, no matter what she does or where she goes. I look around at the town, lights flickering from cars and muffled voices coming from families within their home, and I feel a bit homesick. I have not seen Heaven in 20 years, since I've been sent to Earth to find my purpose. Yes, angel's have purposes too. I could picture those gates, and the laughter of Heaven, and I close the memory down, the image causing a sorrow in my soul. Earth is nothing like Heaven, which is both relieving and saddening at the same time. My thoughts go to Alessa, and I feel a sense of protection well in me. I have many brethren, though I may not see them at times. Alessa....even though she has her grandparents...she doesn't really have anyone with her. Although none of us say it, we both know her grandparents will pass on soon, their old age bringing their life on Earth to a close. My brethren will meet her grandparents at the gates of Heaven. With that thought I give one last look to the stars before turning back towards Alessa's house, wanting to see her familiar face and hold her close like I did with her 5 year old self, the little girl that I came to care for when I first seen her eyes. 

The End

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