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As I carried Alessa home, since she had refused to catch the bus, I tuned my thoughts out of her head. Does she not know that at times, she can be very stubborn? Indeed, Alessa's heart is caring, however, I fear that one day, her heart will be betrayed by those she cares for. Especially by men. Although Alessa did not truly tell me so, I could feel her interest in the chestnut haired boy, Kyle. And though I am not a human, I am able to pick up some of the thoughts of these male beings, none of which Alessa needs to experience.

"Cas?" I hadn't realized that Alessa was trying to talk to me, and I fix her with a smile.

"Yes, Alessa?' I watch her eyes flit away, and look down to the distance ground. We were very high, miles above the city below us. Cars looked like ants from up here, and it was silent, save the gushing voice of the wind, the beating rhythm of my wings and our words.

"I'm sorry about lying..." She looks embarrassed and I glance away in guilt. Yes, I'm mad at Alessa for lying. She knows that as an angel, I abhor liars, since a lying tongue is what my Father, God, hates. Although she had sinned, I still forgave her. Does lying to save another from a horrible fate excuse her from the sin? I toyed with the question in my head and smiled slightly at Alessa.

"It is alright princess." I look away, taking in the view. The cold air bit at my bare face, and I welcomed the sensation. To my right, the sun was near to setting, about to kiss the horizon with her fiery lips. I watch in fascination as the sky began to lighten into a peach pink, strips of orange and yellow scattered everywhere. My eyes glance to the ground near the horizon, and I see a lone tree on a hill., away from the city and prying eyes. Determined, I clutch Alessa closer to me and begin to increase our altitude. 

"Cas, what are you doing?" I hear Alessa ask, her voice wavering a bit. She has a fear of heights, but she knew she could trust me. With a grin, I cradle her into my arms, presing her against me, and gather my wings above me. Hold on. And with that, I blasted towards the horizon, the gravity and our altitude giving us a faster acceleration. Alessa screamed, but her voice was ripped away as we plummeted towards the tree. She was desperately holding on to me, nearly choking my neck and she wrapped her arms around me, burying her face in my neck. I could feel her fear oozing out of her, and I held her closer. Do not be afraid, Alessa. I will not let anything happen to you. She knew that I wouldn't let her be harmed, but it did not comfort her fear. Instead, she held onto me tighter in response. 

Laughing, I felt a giddy feeling arise in me. I haven't flown for a while, being busy with Alessa's training, her increasing nightmares, fighting off demon hordes, and helping wandering spirits move on. Most of the time, I am walking around or just choosing to transport to Alessa's side, since it was faster and easier. I didn't know how much I'd miss flying, the feel of the wind beneath my wings, the fresh air, the freedom and the views. Sorrow filled me, and I slowed down our descent, nearing the tree. What's wrong Cas? I feel Alessa's concern, and I loosen my hold on her so she could move around a little. She peeked her head out and looked at the ground, maybe a mile below us. I didn't answer her, not wanting to bother her with my wants, and we floated down to the ground, my feet touching the cool, soft grass. I placed Alessa down, and walked to the other side of the tree. We had the perfect view, the bright sun transforming to a brilliant orange as it began to meet with the horizon. It was beautiful, the streaks of color painting the sky, which got darker with each second. I heard Alessa walk up beside me, and she rested her head on my arm, since I was taller than her. 

You still didn't tell me what's wrong, Cassiel. I smile, and spread my wings behind us to absorb the setting sun's warmth, reveling in the relief. It is nothing, Alessa. I reply and pat her head. Her black hair flutters in the wind, and I pull off her rubber band to let her it fall to her body. She looks at me questioningly, taking the rubber band from my hands when I offered it to her. You should leave your hair down more often princess. It is pretty. I see Alessa blush, and fidget with her fingers, a habit she has when she's embarrassed or uncomfortable. Pretty, Cas? My hair isn't pretty, and neither am I. She looks towards the disappearing sun, the glow catching in her eyes, making the blue dance as if it was on fire. She doesn't know, she never does, and I turn her face towards me gently. 

You are right. You are not pretty. I see the hurt flash in Alessa's eyes, and she tries to turn away from me, but I hold her so she cannot move. You are beautiful, Alessandra. I hear her gasp, and surprise hits me. Has no one ever told her she is beautiful? You are like this setting sun, a magnificent sight. Rare, but should be treasured when chanced upon. I see Alessa's eyes absorb my words, and an untold emotion flashes in her gaze. In the corner of my eye, the sun is falling beneath the horizon, illuminating the sky with her brilliant glow.

You're lying. I hear Alessa's thoughts, and I focus on her face. Her pale skin, her luminous wide blue eyes, and her curly black hair....she is a one in a million creature. The sun drops below our sight, the sky darkened to a dark royal blue, but I could see the sparkling light in Alessa's eyes and I kiss her forehead softly.

I am an angel,  I cannot lie.

The End

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