Stand Up To BulliesMature


The bell rang, signalling the end of Science class and school, and I breathe an internal sigh, gathering my books and stuffing it all in to my bag. I can hear the chatter of girls as they gossiped about who-knows-what. Slipping out of my desk, I glide out of the classroom, and walk quickly outside of the building. The sun's rays hit me, and I breathe in the fresh air. I thought it'll never end... I start off, avoiding walking into people as I marched down the stairs in the courtyard, heading off the school ground. So determined to get away from school, I don't see the boy running towards me til he knocks me over. 

"Hey!!" I growl, nearly falling over, whipping around to face a tanned brown eyed boy, with curly chestnut hair. "Sorry." He stammers and goes to run off when a pale hand shot out and grabbed him by his black shirt. "Not so fast Kyle." I can already tell by the gruff tone of the voice that it belonged to Derek Harrowson, the quarter back of the school football and famous heart breaker. Although Derek had a nice open face, his dark eyes spoke of mischief and unknown motives. One of the reasons why I avoid ever interacting with him.

Are you alright, Alessa? Cassiel appeared to my side, and I took a slight moment to calm myself. I already felt a bit stronger with Cassiel by my side, and he placed a hand on my shoulder. Yeah, I'm fine Cas, thanks. I glance between Derek and the brown-eyed boy named Kyle, already sensing something wrong. 

Derek is planning to take the boy Kyle to a group behind the school in the forest and beat him because during their math class, the teacher asked both Kyle and Derek for the answer to the same question, and Kyle had answered first. Derek felt like Kyle did it purposely, because everyone in the class ended up laughing at Derek, and calling him stupid. Cassiel's voice filled my mind, and I raised an eyebrow at the reason. I study Kyle, and before I know it, my words slip out of my mouth. 

"Hey Kyle, I was looking for you." I see Derek's eyes widen at my words, and felt Cassiel stiffen. What are you doing Alessandra? I fake a smile and grab hold of Kyle's hand, gently but purposely pulling him out of Derek's hold. I'm saving an innocent, Cas. Kyle's eyes gaze over Cassiel, hover there for a moment, then moved over to me. Did you see that Cas? I feel suspicious of Kyle, does he see Cassiel? My angel nods from the corner of my eyes, and I study Kyle's gaze to see if he turned to look at Cassiel again. 

"You know Kyle, Aless?" Derek asks me, staring at my hand holding Kyle's. I let Kyle go and smile sweetly. Play it cool Alessa. "Yeah, we met yesterday at the park." It was a lie, but not like Derek would know. "Well, thanks for finding Kyle for me, Derek." I turn and pull an open-mouthed Kyle in tow. Cassiel follows me, and I can feel his displeasure at my lie. I'm sorry Cas- I feel Cassiel's hand on my shoulder, and watches from the corner of my eye as he goes to speak before Derek cuts him off.

"I actually had to Kyle." Derek's gruff voice mutters, and I turn to face him. He's staring at me, glancing between Kyle and I. "Oh?" I reply with another smile, though I feel like I want to deal with Derek the way he wanted to "talk" with Kyle. "Well, you can talk right here." 

Cassiel laughs, and I fight off a grin. I enjoyed watching Derek stutter for words, and nearly scoffed when he glared at Kyle and stomped off. Once Derek disappeared from being able to see us, I let Kyle go and start to walk away. "Wait!" Someone grabs my shoulder and spins me around, and I instinctively grab hold of the imposter and twist their hand as I turned to face who it was. I was surprised when I came face to face with Kyle and immediately let go of him. "Sorry." I mutter, and felt a bit guilty as his face morphed into a mask of pain. "It's okay." He breathes. "I just wanted to say thank you...and sorry." He smiles slightly, and shakes out his hand.

"No problem." I reply and turn to get off the school campus and go home, when I hear Kyle cough out something. "What was that?" I ask, facing him again. Kyle looks flustered, and looks at his feet. "What's...what's your name?" He asked shyly. I study him, and see Cassiel shrug. It cannot hurt you to tell him your identity. Mentally shrugging, I look back at Kyle and grin.

"My name is Alessa." And with that, I turn to leave for good, Cassiel beside me, and Kyle behind me.

The End

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