Off To SchoolMature


I watch in amusement as Alessa emerged from the bathroom with a rag and a clear bottle. She walked over to the bed and sprayed the bloodstain, the scent mixing and wafting to my nose. It's peroxide... I study Alessa as she scrubs at the spot furiously, and focus into her mind. She's angry...and embarrassed. I chuckle, and ease over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Do not be so troubled Alessa." I tell her, and allow a bit of the light in me to flow into her. I feel her calm down, and she looks down and sighs. "I seriously hate my body."

With that, I laugh, and Alessa looks at me with wounded blue eyes. "It is normal for women to experience this princess. Do not be so hard on yourself." I take the rag from Alessa, and sit beside the stain. "I will take care of this. You need to get ready for school. I will be down in a moment." I spray the stain again, and slowly scrub it, finding the colors to be fascinating, though it did come out of Alessa. The spot slowly faded as I continued to work at it, and I watched in interest as the rag began to looking pink. "Cas-" Alessa starts, but I cut her off with a smile. "It doesn't bother me Alessa. Please, go get ready and I'll meet you down stairs." Alessa looked torn, but in the end, she ended up going to gather her things. I cleaned the spot until it was a faded pink splotch and then rinsed out the rag. 

It is odd how although I am a heavenly being, I am able to touch worldly things. Cassiel thought, putting the rag into the basket in the restroom. With that done, Cassiel transported downstairs into the kitchen, where Alessa paced, throwing on her school bag and stuffing half a sandwich into her mouth. She had changed quickly, wearing dark skinny jeans, a white sweatshirt and a faded dark blue shirt over that. Her black hair was put up into a ponytail, bangs falling to cover her eyes partially. She looks worried. "I'm gonna be late. I'm going to be late." She babbled, rushing past me to the door. I follow her with ease, knowing that if she ran, I'd just catch up to her by transporting to her side. 

"Bye grandma, bye grandpa!! Love you guys!!" Alessa yells from the door, and I hear her grandparents faint reply, wishing her a good day and saying they love her as well. I smile as I step out of the door, following Alessa. I could just faze through it, but it never felt right. I've always wanted to be as human as possible. They were very interesting things. Alessa took off jogging, her backpack banging against her. I let my wings manifest, enjoying the sense of relief that came with it. I need to go flying more often. I took off, closing my eyes to absorb the caress of the soft wind. Cassiel!! I hear Alessa call me, her form turning out of her drive-way to the right. We had developed the skill of telepathic communication just last year, and we use it to talk to each other when Alessa is around others of her kind. I swoop down to fly above her and smile. 

Yes, Alessa? She encounters a couple walking away from her on the sidewalk and dashes around them with a quick apology. Can you see the bus Cas? Is it there? I soar upwards, and scan the park Alessa is running to. There is no bus there, only parked cars and families playing on the jungle gym. No Alessa, there is no bus waiting at the park. I hear Alessa groan and she turns right at the intersection instead of continuing straight to the park. Can you help me get to school, please Cassiel? I know what she's asking, and I hesitate. If I fly Alessa to school, there is a slight chance she might be seen when I let her go. I'll be able to cloak her as we fly, but once I lose contact with her, I might not be able to hide her. However, Alessa's worry got the best of me, and I sigh. 

Very well, princess. I fly down to her, she had turned into an abandoned alley-way and was waiting for me. "I'm sorry Cas, I know you don't like doing this." Alessa stammers, her eyes wide with worry. I smile and pick her up easily in my arms. She is like a feather... "I do not mind Alessa. Let us go, it is already 7:50." I hear Alessa groan and felt her wrap her arms around me. I close my eyes, and speak quickly in my normal tongue, covering Alessa with a cloaking veil so she wouldn't be seen. And with that done, I looked to the sky, let my wings gather high, and pushed down with all my might, blasting us both off the ground and we headed towards Alessa's school.

The End

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