Morning SurpriseMature


I awake in a sweaty mass, my clothes sticking to me and feeling a bit bothered. Cassiel is still holding me, and I feel him move a little as I stirred. "Good morning, Alessa." I smile, and stretch in his arms, knowing fully well that he's the reason why it's so hot. Well, the warmth that emits out of him that is. Blinking rapidly, I gaze up into Cassiel's eyes and offer a small grin. Cassiel smiles back at me and scoots off the bed, still holding me in his arms. "You had good dreams, did you not?"

I frown, and scratch my head. Dreams? I can't remember what I dreamed about.... The beach flashed in my mind, and everything came rushing back. The laughter, Cassiel chasing me down the beach, and the kiss. The feeling of his soft lips on mine. I blush and beat the thought down. Cassiel and I kissing? Impossible! Frightened, I look to my angel's face and feel relieved that he shows no sign of peeping into my head. I kick my feet slightly, and Cassiel, getting what I was trying to say, gently put my down on the ground. Avoiding his eyes, I pull my hair up and away from my neck, allowing the morning air to cool my burning skin. "Yeah, thanks for guarding my dreams, Cas." I go for a light-hearted tone, but fail miserably when my voice shakes and I end up coughing. 

I hear Cassiel's light laughter, and his softly patting my back. "Maybe you are coming down with a cold?" He says, and I smile. "Cas, I never get sick." I reply, and Cassiel's hand pushes me to the bathroom. "Perhaps not a cold. Maybe it is your time of the month." With that said, Cassiel closes the door behind me, and I'm in the bathroom alone. I flush, and head to jump into the shower. My time of the month? What does Cassiel know about girls and their periods??

I kid you not when I found out that I, indeed, have my period. Disgusting, blood everywhere, and I'm in the shower, hating my body even more and wondering how the hell Cassiel knew it was my time of the month. Unless.... Horrified with the possibility that I thought of, I quickly finish rinsing off and throw on clothes. Yes, I put on a pad. What do you think I'd do, walk around with blood oozing out of me? No.

I dash out of the warm bathroom, and catch Cassiel in the process of stripping my bed sheets, and there, where the world could see, was a blood stain the size of my hand. Groaning, I snatched the sheets out of Cassiel's hand and throw it into the basket in the bathroom. First I sob my guts out on Cas, and now I get my period!! Why is this world so cruel to me?!

Huffing, I storm into the bathroom to find a rag and peroxide, watching Cassiel smile at my reaction as I turned away.

The End

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