Her DreamMature


She rests easy in my arms, softly snoring as she dreamed of swimming at a beach with me. I had altered her mind to not delve into the nightmare, which seemed to be right behind her eyelids. It was as if the dream was alive, and wanted to torture Alessa again. Concern filled me, and I brushed a strand of hair away from her face, and felt her smile. She doesn't know I am still holding her, but I'm sure she can feel the radiating light coming out of me. In her dream, she and I are playing sand ball fight, and I am chasing her down the stretch of the beach. She's laughing, her hair flying in the wind, blue eyes dancing.

Does she not know that she is a very fascinating creature? Humans are always so interesting, with their emotions, and their motives. I pull out of Alessa's mind, not wanting to go snooping in her thoughts. She may be unconscious, but her mind would be scattered and more accessible to those who sought it out. I should go and put protective barriers up around the house. With that, I go to stand, but felt a clinging feeling when I seen Alessa's arm wrap around me and hold onto me. "No...Cas..." She's sleep talking and buries herself deeper into my arms. I sigh, even in her unconscious state, her body refuses to let it's guard down. I sigh, and settle back down, looking at her face. Her black hair fans out below her head, still wet from the shower she took. Her eyes are moving beneath her eyelids, and I feel, what is that feeling? Curiosity. I feel curious about Alessa's dream and what she's thinking.

I close my eyes, and talk in my native tongue. If I cannot go out to place the barriers, I will do it from Alessa's room. I can feel the protection emit a warmth from around the house, the barrier spreading around the building's perimeter. I stopped when I had placed the shield around the house three times. You can never be too careful.

With that duty done, I slip back into Alessa's mind, wondering what she is dreaming about. I land in her thoughts, the sand beneath my feet feeling so real, the smell of the salt entering my senses. I can hear the crashing waves, and I smile. I turn to look at Alessa, and surprise hits me like a bullet.

Alessa and I are standing, facing each other, her hands on my shoulders and my hands on her hips. I am wearing nothing but a swim shorts, and she is in a white bikini. That is not what shocked me though, no. 

In her dream, Alessa and I are kissing.

The End

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