Nightmares Of A MemoryMature


"Cassiel!!" His name slips out of my mouth as I fight against my mind, trying desperately to wake up, to open my eyes, anything to get away from that horrific face, the horrid smell. I can feel myself crying, I can hear my whimpers, but I couldn't move. I couldn't wake up, no matter how hard I tried. I could feel it's teeth sinking into my arm, it's canines splitting my skin, and a blood-curling scream echoed in my room. "Alessa!!" I hear his voice, his sweet voice, and I felt warmth rush through me when his hands caressed my face. My limbs finally obeyed my command, and I swung hard everywhere, anything to make my blood run and force my brain to wake up fully. His hand is on my arms, shaking me, and I feel the warmth blast through me as the nightmare fades, taking with it the smell and the sight of that thing. I sit up and cover my face with my hands, sobbing into my palms. Wasn't it enough to see it happen when I was 5? Now it plagues me as a nightmare, always happening the day of their death. I feel arms encircle me, and I lean into Cassiel's chest.

My name is Alessandra Sylivia Grey, Alessa for short. I witnessed the death of my family, or if you want to be more technical, I seen their dead corpses when I was age 5, and nearly died from the thing that killed them. That was until a guy saved me, a close friend and my guardian angel, Cassiel. Ever since that event, I've been able to see spiritual things, from wandering spirits, to demons and angels. Well, that's what Cassiel told me, though I have yet to see another heavenly being. I'm now an adopted 16 year old, living with my grandma and grandpa from my mom's side, both of whom were too old to raise a little child, but did it anyway. The thing that killed my family is an imp, though I preferably call them Doruns. Why, you ask? Because when I run into one of those, I usually end up running away. They scarred my childhood and my life, and I have yet to conquer my fear of them. I spent 11 years training with Cassiel about how to get rid of demonic beings on earth, and helping wandering spirits move on. So far, I've exorcised 1,259 demons and their pawns, and helped 2,346 spirits move into the light. And how many Doruns did I kill? None. The ones I came across, Cassiel dealed with them himself. I'm supposed to be the all-powerful demon killer, and yet I run from the lowest level demon there is. 

Pathetic, right? But let's get back to the story.

Although Cassiel is an angel, I'm able to physically touch him. We became connected the day that I lost my family, a bond that strengthened each day, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I found comfort in being able to curl into Cassiel's embrace and sob my guts out into his shoulder. We sat there, Cassiel stroking my tangled hair, and me just blubbering like a walrus. 'Shush, Aless." Cassiel murmured, holding me tight. I hung onto him for dear life, wishing I'd stop, but the fear was still in my heart. "You are awake. You are safe now, princess." His words were like rain in a drought, a comfort that I so desperately needed. It took a while for my sobs to subside, and even longer for my tears to stop pouring out of my eyes. I was still curled into Cassiel, who was still stroking my hair and telling me that I'm okay. Spent, I just let myself hang in his arms, and wipe my face with the shirt I'm wearing. 

Cassiel chuckles, but continues to stroke my hair, bringing a feeling of being protected to me. "Are you alright now?" I sigh, and roll out of his arms, feeling worn but determined.

"I will be after a hot shower." And with that, I head into the adjoined bathroom to take a long, needed shower.

The End

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