Mommy, Where Are You?Mature

After witnessing the death of her entire family at a young age, Alessa has been able to see spiritually oriented beings. And usually, when you can see them, they can also see you. However, an angel named Cassiel seems to be accompanying Alessa, keeping her safe and out of harm's way since her young age til her teenage years. But as time transverses, soon Alessa's and Cassiel's connection will be put to the test as blood, loyalties, truth and lies try to come between them.


"Mommy?" My voice is shaky, coming out with a slight squeak. I'm in my PJ's, my curly black hair tied back in a single ponytail. Why am I in the closet? It's so dark here. I'm scared of the dark. A sob comes out of my lips, and I clutch my white angel bear closer to my body. I can't see out of the closet, I can't see my mommy or daddy anywhere. I'm so scared, I want to go find them, but mommy told me to stay in the closet and not to come out. She looked really frightened. Sissy taught me that word; frightened. She was always the smart one of the family, always reading a book. Where's sissy? Where's daddy? Mommy?? I'm shaking, but I'm not cold. Tears are falling down my face, and slowly, I push the closet door open, the hinges creaking with age. Mommy's and daddy's room is empty, the sheets flown everywhere. Their tv is on, buzzing slightly while Elmo plays. I stare at Elmo for awhile, and laugh a little when he sings a song.

A crash downstairs made me jump, and I turn to the open door of mommy's room. Slowly, I walk out to the hallway, and look around. It's silent, and I pad over to my room, which was also open. My things are all on the ground, and I felt a bit mad that someone messed up my room. It must be sissy, she messed up my room. Angry, I march over to the stairs and slowly walk down those wooden planks, mad at my sister for making my room a mess. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I walked around in the living room, holding my angel bear close. "Sissy? Why'd you mess up my room?" I yell. The noise I heard echoed again, coming from the kitchen. I didn't hear my sister reply, so I got even more angry. I stomped my feet, and ran into the kitchen. 

"Sis-" My words cut off as I stare at my mommy and daddy hang from the light in the middle of the kitchen. There's a rope holding both of them up from around their neck, creaking when their bodies turned. I could see cuts all over them, owies that bled a lot. "Mommy? Daddy?" I'm starting to have a hard time breathing, and the kitchen is getting a little dark. I hear a scratching noise behind the counter that mommy and daddy are over, so slowly, I inch over to look on the other side. I peek around the counter corner, my heart beating like Chuggington's whistle when he goes really really fast. A gasp comes out of my mouth as I come to see an ugly thing standing over my sister. It's so tall, taller than daddy, and it had black skin that looked like it had bubbles under it. It turned to face me, and I see my sister's hand in it's mouth, covered in red. I'm screaming now, and I look at my poor sister, her once beautiful green eyes now blank, her body all over the place. The thing made this really loud noise and ran towards me super fast. Scared, I ran out of the kitchen and tumbled up the stairs. I didn't want to look back, I could hear that thing still chasing me. I ran into mommy's room, and hide in the closet, now more afraid of the thing than the dark. Mommy?? Daddy!!! Help me!!! I'm crying, trying hard to stay quiet, putting my teddy over my mouth.

I can hear the thing, it clacks when it walks, and it stopped in front of my mommy's room. I don't make a sound, I don't even want to breathe. Go away!! Leave me alone!! I can hear it get closer, and I know it came in mommy's room. It's starts to make this clicking sound, like how the TV button sounds when you push it fast enough. I make a small noise, and the clicking stops. I'm scared. I'm scared. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. I clutch my teddy, and the closet door is pulled open. I'm screaming, and the thing grabs me with it's hand. It feels gross, like being touched by a lot of mud, and I'm thrown onto the bed, my head hitting the wall. I lost teddy; he fell when I dropped him by the closet. Mommy!! Daddy!!! Sissy!!! Anyone!! I watch the thing get close to me. It still has sissy's hand in it's mouth, and it bites down hard. I hear a crunch and I begin to sob. I have a headache, like what mommy gets when she's tired. It's hurting my head, and I feel my tears fall into my shirt. 

"Tasty. Good. Smell. Eat. Hungry." It's talking to me, and I cry more. "Go away." I say, and it smiles at me. It smells funny, like the bathroom after dad uses the toilet, or when mommy makes egg sandwich. I cough, and wipe my eyes. "Talk. Eat. Hunger." It jumps on the bed, and I cry loud, trying to get away from it. It's so ugly, I can't see it's eyes. It's black, it looks like a bug with hands and spider legs. "Eat. Eat. Devour. HUNGRY." It goes to bite me, and I crawl under it quickly, still crying. I'm scared, even more scared than how I am with clowns. I fall off the bed, and run to get my teddy as I hear a crunch behind me. I scoop my teddy up and turn around to see it looking at me. "Smart. It. Smart. Must. Eat." It jumps at me and I scream as it opens it's mouth, holding my teddy out in front of me, like how Arthur holds a shield when he fights. 

The room get's really bright, like how it is when you turn on the light after sleeping for a long time. I hear a scream, and I close my eyes, because the light hurts me. Teddy is gone, I'm not holding him. But I'm scared to open my eyes, scared to see the thing again. When you're scared baby, you face it okay? Then it won't be so scary anymore. I can hear mommy telling me that, her blue eyes looking at me. Okay, mommy. Slowly, I open my eyes, but the room is still bright. It takes awhile before I can open my eyes and stare at this person in front of me. It's an angel. It has wings. It's wings are huge, and white. And it's floating, it's back facing me. I cough, and I watch as the angel turns to face me.

It's a boy, I can tell. His eyes are nice, it's gold. Like the sun. He looks pretty. I forget about the thing and walk to him. He smiles at me and grabs my hand. He's warm. "Hello." His voice is nice too. It's like the sound of the waves at the beach. "Hi." I say. I'm playing with his wing. It's soft, like my blanket after it get's washed. "You're safe now." He says. I look up at him, and I see the thing again, where the angel was, it's mouth open, about to eat me whole.

The End

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