Her Eyes

The most enchanting and physically desirable asset of this female were her eyes. She was standing next to me, looking up, gazing with sunken shoulders right through me. As I looked down at her, the moment locked itself in place. I was unable to turn away, my own captivation holding us both together. Her eyes were sparkling blue, dazzling, like warm ice that was solid and not cracked. Slowly I leant forward and brought my arms around her in an embrace, my hands on her back. She rested her head against my chest and I could feel her cool breath on my neck. We held eachother for several minutes, basking in the moment. I closed my eyes. 

After, she was staring at me again. The room was darker but I could make out her smile, which I returned. Slowly I brushed some wild strands of hair away from her face and she fluttered her lashes at me, my other hand was on her waist. The light outside had began to fade, the remaining pink and purple sky diverted through the window showering us in a dark blue canopy. I turned myself towards her again, her eyes had started to close, she was tired. For the last time I relaxed my shoulders and  was drawn into her, everything around us was gone and had vanished mercifuly into the shadows. 


The End

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