Prologue (Part 2)

The wind blew softly, as if to encourage me to take the next step. To throw the ring, and cast it into the ocean so I would never have to see it again. Taking in a deep breath, I clutched the ring tightly in my hand, slowly lifted my arm up. 

I need to do this. It had been far too long a time and I deserve to be happy, to be free again. I decide not to waste one more second as I swung my arm forward as hard as I could and open up my hand to the breeze. The ring flew through the air and landed somewhere in the water. The ring is gone. I had done it. 

For a while, I stood still. I was still breathing, still standing on this Earth. “I don’t need him. I never did.” But I was just deceiving myself. I discovered this the very next second as a panic that I had not expected overcame me. My breathing quickened. Crouching down on the spot where I'd seen the ring land, I started to dig through the sand, hoping to God that I would find it. 

"Please, please, please," I whispered, voice growing weaker by the second as I started to descend into paranoia. Soon, my search became a war. The pull of the ocean grew more violent, and the thought of the last remnant of my love being taken away from me entirely shook me to the core. 

I lunged forward, deeper and deeper into the water, not at all caring about the currents that could very easily drown me. The growing desperation gnawed at every nerve of my body, like a drug overtaking the whole of my being. But nothing could compare to the relief that flooded into my heart when one of my fingers brushed past the familiar cold gold metal of the ring. 

My fist shot out and grabbed the ring and a handful of fine sand. Chest heaving, I held my hand tightly to my chest before opening up my palm, taking the ring out carefully and pushing it back onto my finger with an urgency that lightly tore my skin in the process. I didn't care though. I had him back. I had Lucian again. 

Pushing the wet hair out of my eyes, I waded back through the water onto the shore before collapsing onto the ground, unable to bear all of the emotions anymore. 

What was I doing here even? I'd sworn to myself I'd never come back but here I was yet again; retracing my footprints through the sand but this time all alone. Holding my hand to my lips, I kissed the diamond and closed my eyes. 

The End

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