Another love?


Choir rehearsal is over and I'm going back for our upcoming play's dress rehearsal and this new face is sitting next to my friend Pepz. Who is this stranger in my church especially during the last minute preparations for Sunday? Oh he's cute I thought but why will Ms. Grace let him in? Is he her family or what? No he can't be family with Ms. Grace because he looks like Pepz, oh that must Pepz's brother but which one? There were too many questions and emotions going through my being at that time but it's okay, he doesn't affect me so I'll just act like he doesn't exist. Yea that's gonna be hard considering the fact he now has a part in the play and he plays my brother so I have no choice but to endure him till this play is over. Whew practice is over and I've never been excited to leave church practice in my life that my feet was out of the door before Ms. Grace said Amen. I was going to my best friend's house to hang out and practice before I actually head home. Out of nowhere three boys are on their bicycles and carefully threading behind us and come to find out it was Mike, James his friend and Father his brother. Their excuse was they wanted to  make sure we got home safe so I thought that's sweet until Mike almost ran me over with his bike. Boy I was so upset I vowed not to even talk to him again when he didn't apologize and said it was my fault for getting in his way. I thought to myself he is a jerk and I don't like him. Pepz and her brothers went to their mom's church sometimes and mine other times but recently they have been coming a lot more to my church which means I have to see her jerk of a brother Mike every weekend. How uncomfortable that is but somewhere deep inside I wanted to see him and wished he made it every time which he did most times. I just liked him from within and acted cold towards him when he came around. All this while I was still in love with Nate and now I'm having the same butterflies I had in my stomach when I first met Nate, whenever I see Mike. Is it possible to love two people at the same time? I heard that you will always favor one over the other. On Monday to Friday, I was in love with Nate because I saw him in school then Saturday and Sunday, I was in love with Mike.  The day I admitted to myself that I was in love with Mike was the same time I also realized I liked his brother as well. One very dark evening after practice a longer time than anticipated at church, I couldn't walk home all by myself and my grandpa couldn't come get me because he doesn't drive at night due to his bad eyesight. It wasn't really a long walk, just about 10-15 minutes depending on which route I took. My best friend Roberta suggested I walk her to her house to see if her older brother was home so he can drop me home. So we walked to her house which was bout 5 mins away from church. Mike, James and Father followed us using the excuse that they wanted to make sure we got home safe so they rode slowly next to us till we got home. All this while Father also had a little crush on Roberta and she did as well as much as she wants to deny that. There was another female friend 'S' who we saw had eyes for James and he had a thing for as well. Wow that evening was a lot to take in as I recall everything detail to detail. These boys suggested that they will take myself and 'S' home after we dropped off Roberta so no need to bother her brother. As 'S' and I hugged Roberta goodnight, Father the quiet one surprisingly walks up to her and hug her tight I thought she will choke from not being able to breathe.It was time to walk 'S' home next since her house was closer to Roberta's. We walked in awkward silence with the boys pushing their bikes slowly until we reached 'S' gates and James out of nowhere dropped his bike and kissed 'S' on the cheek (At that age kissing a girl on the cheek was a really huge deal in our upbringing so imagine a kiss on the lips). Our jaws dropped as we watched them hug for what I think was eternity then said goodbye. Now I'm walking home with three boys all by myself and I'm so uncomfortable I could wet myself. Keep in mind that I am two years younger than the 'S' and Roberta, I was just a very tall kid so I was mistaken to be their age mates most times. Anyway back to that night, the four of us walked in total silence and my feet couldn't go any faster. I needed to get home as quick as I could not because I was afraid but because it was the most awkward and uncomfortable walk I've ever had in my life. About two houses down to mine, Mike walked up to catch up with me before the street lamp came in bright sight and kissed me, but not on the cheek instead on the lips. I was shocked or frozen because I stood there for a very long time trying to remember what just happened except it was still happening and James and Father caught up with us still in that uncompromising situation. James looked happy but Father looked hurt which I didn't know until recently why he was. I was very concerned and that's when I realized that I had feelings for him too and just ran straight to my house without ever speaking about that night again until recently. All three of us girls got into trouble for that night (not shocked) not for being alone with boys but for coming home late in the company of boys. Don't ask but I was glad to take the punishment as long as we never spoke about it again and that was the last time we saw or heard of Mike and his brother as they quit coming to our church and few months later left the country. I also left left not long after and I only kept in touch with my best friend Roberta. I'm pretty screwed up huh? Well I'm just a little girl who cannot control her emotions and cannot talk about these things with my grandparents because they are very old school and I could be stopped from going to the same school and church if I admitted these feelings so I was just a mess who told my school friends about Mike and my church friends about Nate.This girl is crazy, you will say but that's how I felt and I couldn't control it. My feelings for these three flip flopped for a very long time through my early teen years even when I moved away into a different country, Mike and his brother into another and Nate staying back. But I only spoke of Nate and Mike to my friends. What happened after? I don't know but I do know I didn't develop feelings for anyone else after I left and I thought my feelings for Father was no more until I got in contact with him recently. My feelings for Nate ceased as I found out he liked my best friend from school Fenny. They both asked for my blessings before they could date which I thought was very touching and I gave them the go ahead I suppose but Foxy also like Fenny and told Nate about his intentions about asking her out except Nate beat him to it and Fenny preferred the calm type so Foxy and Nate are no more friends. Me on other hand, I lost all contacts with Mike and I still have hope that we will find each other until recently we did. What happens to us? You will find out but first I have to tell you a guy I met in high school in my new world and country. He's African but not the same country also based in Minnesota.

The End

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