Like? Convenience?


So we're in first day of school in third grade and this boy walks in with his big book bag like he owns the room. I guess he had a little swag haha. Well Eugene was cute but not as Nate. It didn't take him long to find a spot on the popular boys team and had these girls drooling over him. I think he had eyes for my best friend Fenny who was in my circle of popular girls. By the way, we are so similar and are always competing that people wonder how we still were friends back then. We're still friends though. Back to Eugene, since I couldn't have Nate I figured it was only right to have the newest popular kid on the block. it was only fair right? I didn't have feelings for him, I just wanted him because I thought I deserved him and I needed a date to our annual end of the school year party. He ended up going with Fenny and I wasn't upset because the grade leaders were automatic dates so Nate and I were each other's date. Yes I was very ecstatic but I had to act nonchalant about it. School year is over and Eugene moved away and that was the last we ever heard or saw of him. My school had two branches and in September as we progress to fourth grade, we will be combining both branches to the other branch which was newer and bigger. This is where I will meet the next love interest. He was so much like Nate except he wasn't as calm as Nate. Nate and this notorious, popular but smart and handsome boy have a lot in common including their taste in women just like Fenny and I. They become best friends but they aren't friends anymore because of a girl and NO not me. 

The End

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