Her first love or what she thought was love

Description of whatever feelings Penny had for every guy in a chronological order.

My name is Penny, well that's what my childhood friends call me. So I'll take you to the part of my life when I started developing feelings I suppose.


In second grade I had a huge crush on Nate and he was very cute. He was the most popular boy in school, the smartest boy in our grade and I think he had a crush on me or so I don't know. Anyway we went to the same church too so I got the chance see him basically every day of the week unless I didn't go to Saturday class sessions then I will miss him for the whole day. I thought I would marry him and we will have beautiful children and they will be smart and fit just like him. By the way he has one of the best set of teeth and I melted every time he smiled. My grandma and his mom were in women's fellowship together and I would always follow my grandma to her meetings hoping that he will follow his mom as well but it was just wishful thinking. Oh don't get it twisted though, I was also the most popular girl in school and every one wanted to be in my circle. I was also the smartest girl in my grade level so tell me why Nate and I weren't a match made in heaven? Well I don't know but if you know our culture, you will know we were too young to have feelings and attractions that weren't platonic. So I just kept on crushing and denied it to everyone else who saw right through me. Now I am in my third year in college and we still chat so do you think there is a future for us? We all can't tell yet without learning of the other guys in and out of my life. But for now, enough about Nate. The next person I will crush on will be in third grade and his name is....

The End

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