Her Choice

Alisha looked up, her neck was paining hard, but still she needed to. 'Its more than a month now' - she thought. It was the second full moon she saw after the crash of the chopper. She really couldn't remember who was the other person.

She has got used to this woods, knows every tree as each had its own shapes, and, those scarred marks of the burns. She had gone through all the emotions and pains, and, now she was serene.

The only thing she could think of now was food - those unknown berries with bitter taste never filled her up.  She never feared, for she so no animals - not even birds flying high. Atleast that could have brought some food - some food to her, if not fed on her.

Then she heard that rustling on the leaves. She startled, first time in so many days. She turned to face a hare standing still, in fear or in curiosity?

She knew, it was her gift, may be from God whom she has stopped believing. A gift for her dinner? or a gift of another life present other than herself? And this was the first time she cried, wept and screamed and the hare was standing still to witness it all. She knew, she needs to make the choice.


The End

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