Her cell. My hell

I wish i wouldnt have stopped.  I had just hit him once,  so long ago.  Well a few days atleast. Down to one hand, the other the good hand in a cast. So i stood there waiting for him.  I was going to show him why u dont mess with a man with a concrete block on his hand.  I felt like a god when he stepped out.  As fast as i could i kicked him in the chest.  Spun around to get my balance and shouted "da nacht!" hefted the cast high nto the sky and let it fall on him.

People dont see our wars, and if they do they ignore them.  So many hurt, but none dead.  the pride of being a soldier.  the honor of fighting...  When the day is over.  Thats the hard part for me.  sleeping at night. they say every good soldier has nighmares,  but why wouldnt i dream normaly if i wasnt ashamed of what i have done?  That i lost love. i lost her, my heart.  That she is there torments me. The anger and sadness fuel me and today is my resignation.  As i see the gang leader. i step up and demand her to be free.

After an hour of tourture i stand again. 

My guard shocked yelled "how can u stand?" i grabed the lapel of his  shirt n throw him into the wall.  Hit him with my left n headbutt him.  as he slumped down to the wall.  I stole his keys and freed myself.  I limped down the hall of cells hearing screams.  i didnt not care.  i see her cell and unlock the door.  There she was bruised and battered.  But it is her. i said "mein leiblings?"  she replyed "đa"  I grabbed her embrased her kissed her and ran like hell.

The End

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