My best friend was a demon. Her name was Greta. She had white, long, flowing hair that went down to her knees. She always wore a white, long dress that was laced up from the waist to the bust. She wore white, lace up boots to the knee and she was my best friend for 7 years.

Me and her used to play all sorts of games when we were young. Everyone hated her because of her 'special ability'. Yeah, so what if my best friend could fly? She had HUGE, white angel wings. She was great at flying. She flew to school, carrying me. The air rushing in my ears was an amazing feeling. She always giggled when I yelled with delight. That made me laugh to.

People started to not like me too when I hung out with Greta. They thought I was weird because of her. But the sad thing was Greta used to get death threats and unecessary, horrible comments against her.

 Once, we walked down the lane from school and the usual boys were there. We were just chatting as we usually do about the usual things. They looked at us. Wierdly, I might add. We ignored them and carried on walking and talking. As we came up to them to walk past, they all suddenly intercepted us. We just tried to just keep on walking but they were having none of it. They started to push us back up to the middle of the lane. And what happend there was one of the worst days of my life...

The End

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