A little bit of a story I wish to write. Who is this animal that is destroying the village of Undread?

I crouched low, between the giant, spindly trees of Undread Forest. There were lots of sticking out branches that were like needles poking into me as I did, silent and watching. She was there, stood on the cliff, the Moon shining down on her. The wind blew fiercly but she did not stir. Only her long, brown leather coat and her spiky, purple but nearly white hair flapped in it. She turned around and I saw her angered expression that was permanantly stuck to her face. Her red scar that went through her right eye shined as she did so. Her baggy clothes hung on her skinny, lanky frame. I could just about see her beautiful necklace. A sapphire hexagon on a silk dark blue ribbon. Her eyes were mysterious and cold as she looked around. She looked like she was an animal about pounce on anything that moved at that moment. And that was the very reason everyone despised her lurking around our village. She was a freak in our eyes. Although I was intrigued and stupid enough to follow her. I definatly know now how stupid I was...

The End

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