Subject One

Henry hesitated. Did he dare see what his fellow superhuman was like? Was she loyal to the P.R.O.J.E.C.T.? Or was she trying to escape, too?

Before he could make his decision, Subject One was upon him. Faster than him, apparently. He caught a glimpse of her - long red hair flying behind outstretched spotted wings - before she was on him, attacking him.

Well, that answered that question.

He blocked her somewhat clumsy attacks, though it cost him energy. He'd had combat training given him by the Colonel at P.R.O.J.E.C.T. before his genesplicing had been done, and apparently so had this superpowered girl, but the difference was that she had know experience using her combat skills with what were evidently new powers for her. That gave him edge, despite that fact that she was noticeably stronger than he was.

For example, she didn't know how to protect her wings, since they were new to her. Henry grabbed a fistful of feathers and twisted, and her shriek filled the air. He winced, hating to hurt such a lovely creature, especially one who had been twisted the way Dr. Kind had tried to twist him, but he couldn't just let her capture - or kill - him.

In her pain, she instinctively swiped a hand out at him, which caught him square across the face, sending him tumbling end over end through the sky. He recovered quickly, flapping his wings to right himself maintain his height. He was a decent distance away from her now. Should he try to run and hide now? Would the distance between them make up for her greater speed?

Again, she acted before he could make a decision. She reached her hands toward them, and some kind of weird quill things shot out of her nails, streaking through the sky at him.


He dived to avoid them, but one nicked a wing. He grimaced in pain. It was sharp, deadly so, but it didn't impair his flying ability--

That was when blackness overtook him, sending him falling through the sky. His last thought was, Poison!


At the P.R.O.J.E.C.T lab, Dr. Kind watched the monitors with satisfaction as Subject One streaked through the sky to catch Subject Zero's unconscious form. The Colonel, standing beside him, spoke, a triumphant tone in his voice. "I told you your freaks needed a ranged attack to survive in a world of guns, didn't I?"

The End

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