Dr Kind smiled. Subject One was ready. She was just like Subject Zero, only a better version. She was stronger, more intelligent, and hopefully, more obedient.

It was time to set her loose, to rein in Subject Zero. She would have orders to bring him back to the lab. Whether alive or dead, that wouldn't matter.


Henry dashed around the second city of the day. When his legs got tired, he took off and flew, giving his aching muscles time to rest. He had found, through much experimentation, that he could sleep while in the air, just like a bird on migration.

And yet, no matter how fast he ran - or flew - there always seemed to be scientists one step ahead. It infuriated him. Why wouldn't they just let him be? He needed a life of his own. He couldn't live in a lab for the rest of his days..

He knew that the head scientist, Dr. Kind, would have given the orders to terminate him when possible, but he wasn't about to let that happen. He glanced over his shoulder, blinked, and did a double take. Was his raptor-vision decieving him? There were no more cars following him.. No off-road vehicles, no motorbikes, no helicopters or planes.. Nothing.

Wait... What was that in the distance? It seemed to be flying, but it was far too big to be a bird.. It.. It looked like the pictures he had stolen from the jeep of a pair of scientists. Pictures of him, circling high above.. But.. That was impossible. Henry turned fully around, hovering on the spot.

Was that.. could that be... Another person, like him?

The End

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