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Why did she look so concerned? Her glittering pink lips were curved awkwardly as if she'd just said something wholly innappropriate or embarrassing.

Or was it him? He'd probably said his line. Had he? Had he said 'Woo-fucking-hoo'? He couldn't help but smirk at the thought of saying it to the young girl. Or to anyone. Heh, woo-fucking-hoo. It was a possibility. If he was tipsy enough to stumble down memory lane, oblivious to anything going on around him, it was completely likely he'd said 'woo-fucking-hoo'. He fights back a giggle.

The short, very dazzling (in a purely light-reflective way), work experience girl saves him from drowning in a sea of drunken confusion, "Everest.That's a name." He'd said his line, the jury was still out on woo-fucking-hoo.

"Yeah, So's shufflebottom. And Penhaligon. And Dudemeister." He smiles, half amused by his drunken ramblings, and half trying to usher her away from him, out of his space. It's only when he speaks that he realises the chewing gum's done nothing to mask his 80% proof breath.

She just lingers infront of him, staring, annoying him with her hesitance to react.

"Can't remember my original name. Not particularly sure if I was ever told it. Everest's my wonderful, amazing as a kick in the nuts, stepdads name." He had a talent for using half a dozen words where one is too much.

She still doesn't respond. Maybe she's frozen. Perhaps he should try slapping her, always works with his PC.

"He changed it at wherever the hell you change it. Of course due to every bloody thing about him being huge, massive, record breaking, in fact. Self-proclaimed, obviously." He plucks a crumpled Benson and Hedges from his shirt pocket and lights it, feeling it gives him the look of an important story-teller.

"My mum married him, god knows what drug she was on then, can't recall the date." He pauses, waiting for some sort of reaction. Toss all.

"It was all we heard for the first few years, and pretty regularly for the eleven years I was in his house. He was huge, big man, big hero, apparently. He'd climbed mountains, shagged movie stars, and was rich as fuck. Apparently." He spits that last word, the girl jumps, still transfixed.

"Me nor my mum ever saw any of these riches. Fucking leech. Few years after I left home, it was a long time coming, I get a call from dear old mum, poor Mr. Everest has gone and gotten himself prostate cancer. Horrible thing, wouldn't wish it on anyone. Glad he got it though, of course. I visited them a few times, mainly to see my mum, but every time I saw him,I couldn't help but ask 'How's Everest? Still huge? Bigger by the day, I bet.' Always made me smile. Thinking about it now, I was kind of a cunt. Such is life."

The girl who could blind the sun just stares, kind of gormless. Gormless, Melanies always telling him to be a bit nicer to people, animals, inanimate objects, ideals, everything really. The girl is still staring blankly at him, but at least now her mouth is wide open, gaping, some might say. No chance of her suffocating then.

He hears Melanie over the crowd. Well, small group of closely weaved people. "If everyone would like to follow me, we have arranged a little going away party for us next door. And of course, as a thank you for taking the time to come down here today, open bar. Do enjoy." She steps through the double doors and holds one side open for people to follow her. Like rats following a stupidly attractive piper, they pile through, eager to offer to get her a drink from the open bar. Big bloody spenders.

The girl is now glancing between the double doors and Henry, still catching flies. Henry's lips are curled downward at the edges, showing his impatience. He needs a drink. Eventually, tired of waiting to grow old watching a student learn to speak, he steps around her and heads for the doors.

She finds her tongue and calls after him, "What did that feel like?"

"Huh?" he grumbles, turning his head just enough to see her, and breathing out thick smoke.

"Your childhood? How did it make you feel?"

He pauses, then smiles yet again, smoke drifting from the corner of his mouth, "Not sure, to be honest. I'll let you know when I'm sober." he see's she's about to talk again, and cuts her off. "Though I wouldn't wait for it, hasn't happened in a good twelve years."

"O....oh."she answers eloquently.

"I'll be off to the bar then. Nice meeting you. By the by, nice lip stick,gloss-stuff. Really catches the eye." With that he nods, and heads for the open bar. This had been the longest fifteen minutes without a drink of his life. 

The End

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