Henry ran as fast as he could. His heart was beating wildly and his blonde hair, cut into a side-fringe, blew back in the wind he was creating with his super-fast steps. Every few meters he glanced over his shoulder, as if to check if he was being pursued. 

And he was. Henry was no ordinary boy. He was created by scientists to test out whether humans really could have super powers. It turned out they could. Henry was super fast, super strong and best of all, he had wings. The scientists had grafted into him the genes of a cheetah, a bird, and another animal that Henry couldn't guess, that gave him his strength. Of course, the genes in a human body were accelerated, some what. Henry was far faster than a human, had a wingspan of almost 14 ft, and he was sure he was stronger than any other creature on the planet. 

They just never expected him to use his powers against them... 

The End

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