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Write down any ideas that you have for storys here! Put down random characters that others might want to use in their story's, actual story ideas, (basically whatever you can think of that might help others!)

Heres an example of something you could write:

Character: Sophie Green

Sophie is 12 years old, has shoulder length blond hair and is just under average height. She is very bright, sporty but not paticulary musical. She has an older brother (Mike) and a younger sister (tess). She is very shy in public but with her friends she is quite loud and loves to go a bit giddy sometimes and have fun! Her favourite meal is margerita Pizza with mushrooms and her worst meal is spag bol (she isn't very keen on anything with meat in it but she'll eat it if she has too!)

Now someone could read this and think 'Sophie' would be great in my story and use her! Great help for a lot of people who have writers block!

The End

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