touch a beastie

I start thinking I'm afraid of no beastie pink or not pink. So I reach out with my shaking hand to see ifI can touch one. My hand slowly moves towards one of the beisties and toches it.

In less than a mili-second I am covered in thousands of those pink beasties. I want to scream but instead of screaming I get a mothfull of those pink besties in my moth. I manage to spit most of them out but one manages to crawl down the back of my throat!

"AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHHH GET IT OUT OF MEEEE!!!!!" I scream but then fall silent. I try to move my arms but I can not. then I hear a voice in my head saying calm down human you are safe me and my brothers and sisters will take care of you I stop......

The End

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