Chapter 1 (The start)

The beginning of yet another story that isn't finished nor have I worked on it in months. It begins with Ari and Reese interacting. Really I just don't know whether to keep going or ditch it.

It's one of those nights when your thoughts get the best of you and you can't help but feel like you're drowning. If you've ever experienced this dreadful loneliness, you understand what I'm saying. It's the time when the darkness creeps in before the sun goes to bed and the Angels flee quickly from the rising undead. The blackness creeps in quietly; running its somber fingertips over the back of your neck. The hair stands up. The brush awakens the sense if only for a moment before reaching inside and grasping your lungs. I know someone else is sitting in their kitchen thinking the same thing. Maybe it's normal to feel the world closing in. Pressing down like the watery wall of a tsunami wave. Give me a second I'm trying to breath.

Ari paused, her hand cramping from intensely scribbling her thoughts. She didn't want to write anymore, but she knew she had to. Doctor's orders. she thought.

"Ugh" the noise escaped her lips uncontrollably.

More of a muffled groan than a statement. She stood from the rickety wooden chair to stretch her legs. She had been sitting in the little kitchen chair writing ferociously in her journal. Pages turning briskly as she continued through her depressed rant. The psychiatrist had told her to write every day. Every day.

"It will help you heal Ari" her tone mocking 'the shrink' "Stupid quack, what does he know?" She said aloud once more.

Maybe I am crazy. She thought. I'm talking to myself again.

She stood in the middle of the dimly lit kitchen barefoot, softly running her toes along the grout lines of the once white ceramic tiles. Her bare legs glistened in the fading sunlight, tan and toned from the extra maintenance she had put in. She was not typically a vain person, nor did she care to go to the gym or go tanning, but Reese noticed these things. All she wanted was a little recognition. For him to notice her, but he didn't. At least, this was her assumption.

"What's all the huffing and puffing about?" A rugged voice called from the living room.

The small apartment was like a prison. Small 'cells' cut off by doors and walls. Ari knew this was the downfall of living in a Victorian home. Just one more apartment full of memories and regrets. All of the things she wanted to forget were forever etched in to the knowing walls of her home. She had lived here before, twice. Once again she found herself above her parents in the dinky two bedroom apartment, currently housing five. The brown paneled walls made her cringe as she imagined the developer 'remodeling' in the seventies. Horrid was the only word she had ever been able to find to describe them.

Ari walked to the oversized door frame that led in to the living room leaning gingerly on the wall. She looked to Reese watching him silently. He was in his pried white recliner. Stained from the years of use and tiny sticky fingers rubbing against it. HIs green eyes smiled at her as she entered.

"Nothing, love. I'm just frustrated with this writing thing." her voice cracked a little. He could hear the insecurity lingering in her throat. Twirling a lock between her fingers she bit her lower lip as she smiled. She admired him from afar not wanting to take her eyes from his manly frame. She watched as his abs tightened and rippled as he stood from his seat.

Damn he's sexy. She thought moving closer until she was just below his chin. She rested her head against his broad chest, breathing his scent in slowly. A calming wave passed over her athletic frame as he slid his arms around her shoulders.

"It'll get easier." His voice was almost a whisper.

Sliding his hands along her back he rested them on her hips. She could hear him inhale slowly as he buried his face deeper in to her soft chestnut hair. She loved when he held her like this. His hands caressing her body slowly. Tracing the outline of her voluptuous figure his labored breathing became more rapid as he pulled away. She looked up in to his glistening eyes full of lust and yearning.

"I. Love. You. Baby." She said lifting up on to her toes to kiss his nose between each word.

"I love you too Babs."

Ari smiled. She loved when he called her that. His pet name was derived from his favorite adult cartoon Family Guy. He had started it three years ago and even after all that time had passed it still made her stomach dance with flittering butterflies.

They stood in silence once more, holding each other. Ari closed her eyes as she pushed her cheek deeper in to his chest, his small patch of ginger hair tickled her nose with every inhale.

The End

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