Jump In and Hope the Creature Can't Swim

You charge in. Soon you are up to your waist in a foul smelling translucent goo. You flap your arms frantically, trying to keep your head above the water. Fortunately your feel drag along a flat surface, and you stand up. You keep your eyes on the creature to see what it will do.

To your suprise, your pursuer merely whines and turns the other way. It starts to run, and you watch it disappear past the bend. Yes! You shake one fist in the air, triumphant. You beat it... it must have been frightened of the water.

Then you hear a low, gutteral growl. You freeze. You know you're in trouble even as the flat ground beneath your feet shifts. Before a  giant pink wet tongue breaks the surface of the water and starts licking at your foot.

You realise you have to get out of this 'lake' as soon as possible. What do you do?

The End

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