Chapter One, Decent

There are a two things you can never escape in life; The past and the future. Now, I mean the future in the broadest sense possible, it’s more like, your fate. But the last one is the one that I struggle with. Now again, it's not quite how it sounds. Not my own past, but those who came before me, my ancestors. Why? Where do I begin? Let's start at the beginning, the moment of realization.
I opened my door, returning home from school. My parents were sitting on the couch with a concerned look on their faces. I ignored it and walked over to the door to my room, planning to enter it, but I was stopped. 
"We have something we want to tell you." My mom said calmly.
"What?" I asked suspiciously.
"you're adopted." My dad said.
"Cool." I said, walking back to my room and opening the door.
"Wait. Don't you want to meet your real parents?" My mom asked.
" Not really." I said, entering my room and throwing my backpack on the bed. I sat down next to my backpack, thinking about what she said. It didn't really make a difference to me. Well, that's what I thought. A few days later my parents invited over a guest. My biological dad. I was forced to be out there when he arrived. He knocked on the door and my mom opened it. I could see the resemblance between us, but I wouldn’t have known he was my father unless i was told. He didn't say anything when he entered. My mom, of course started a conversation. It was about something boring like the weather. He answered as little as possible. After my mom failed her attempt to interact, she turned to me. 
" Your dad and I have decided to send you off on a little holiday with your father here. I know this is short notice but you two are going to Colorado, isn't that great?" She said. And just like that, I was sent off with some stranger. My parents had already secretly packed my stuff, so we left right then. My parents drove me to the airport and we boarded it. The plane took off. We took our seats. I couldn't believe my parents sent me off with some random guy. I mean, he might be my bio dad but he gave me away in the first place so why did they trust him so easily.
"Ace." He said, but I didn't know why he randomly called my name.
"John, is it?" I asked. He put his hand on my shoulder. I tried to move, but his grip was tight. Was he trying to be a father after all these years or something? His hand began to burn. It heated itself until the heat turned to pain. i grabbed is arm, ting to lift it while still trying not to atract attention. I could feel my skin sizzling, and thats when he let go. The pain was instantly gone. I ran into the bathroom and pulled down my shirt, looking at where his hand was. There was no mark of any kind. The I saw lines developing. Four Dimonds making up a larger one apeared. The bottom one was colored in black. ' A tatoo!?' I thought. ' How is that possable?!' Someone knocked on the door. I opened it, trying to exit. In front of me stood a girl about my age. She had blue eyes and white hair that went down to her shoulders. The next thing I noticed was the Diamond below her collarbone. The top diamond was colored in. She pushed me into the bathroom and walked in herself, closing the door.
"You're not going anywhere." She said. The skin on her hands turned to metal. She swung her fist at me.  I dodge it. It punched a hole through the wall. I ran for the door and unlocked it. She swung at me again. I ducked and her fist punched through the door. I opened it and ran out. She casualy walked out, trying to avoid suspision. John was gone from his seat. I sat down, knowing she wouldn't try anything out here. Suddenly, I could here the wind outside change. The plane began to fall. The girl that I had fought was thrown at the cieling. I reached for the buckle. When I touched it, it burst into flames. The girls entire skin was now metal. She jumped of the cieling and Grabed a seat. I knew she would survive, so I tacked her, in an attempt to use her as a shield. I accidentally threw us through the wall of the plane. I huged her, hoping she landed first. She tried to push me off but I know my life depended on my grip on her.
"Get off of me you pathetic twerp!" She said as we decended. We hit the ground, her on the bottom. It set off a sound load enough to be a gunshot and dirt flew everywhere. We landed in the middle of a large field. She pushed me off of her, and stood up. She had a few scrapes and bruses and she was bleeding from the head. I had also absorbed some of the impact. She raised her fist at me, but the her skin changed back, and she passed out. The plane crashed a little ways away from us.The only building in sight was a small bed and breakfast. I began to walk to it, then I looked back at the girl. 'Dammit.' I thought, picking her up and carrying her with me. I arrived at the bed and breakfast and opened the door to see only one little chinese woman.
"Can you get this girl to the hospital." I said, setting her down on a coach. I walked out of the building, looking around. There was nothing. Just an empty field. I walked back in the bed and breakfast."Where Is the nearest building?" I asked.
"I sorry, I don't speak much english." She said.
"Where is the road?" I simplefied.
"You want to leave?" She asked.
"Yes." I answered.
"No, no, no. I give couple free room." She said, pointing to the girl who had tried to kill me.
"We're not a-" I was interrupted when she Grabed my wrist and pulled me up stairs. She gave me a key and left me in front of a room. The key fit, so I opened the door .it was a nice little one bed room. I went back down stairs and carried the girl into the room and layed her on the bed. I left the key there and closed the door. I then left the bed and breakfast and headed forward twords the plane. It was a fiery mess. When I arived I couldn't see any survivors, only scorched bodies. My stomach twisted at the sight. Pieces of the plane were scattered all around the crash site. 'So now john, the only way I could've found out what's going on, is dead.' I thought. Then, above me, I heard what sounded like a jet, but when I looked up, I could only see a little black dot. Without a second thought about it I walked back to the bed and breakfast. I "need to get to a hospital." I said to the woman trying to get her to understand. "You are hurt?" She asked. "I have first aid kit." She said, walking off to get it. She came back with a little white box. 
"I need a doctor." I said, getting frustrated by this woman's lack of understanding
"Oh why you not say so. City is that way." She said pointing to the back of the shop. I walked upstairs and picked the girl up, remembering how heavy she is. I left the shop and started to walk in that direction, but I couldn't see anything. I started what I was sure was going to be a long journey and left the bed and breakfast behind. I walked for about thirty minutes befor my legs decided to commit  suicide. At least by then I could see the city in the distance. I decided to muscle through my legs pain and kept on going. My body would not have that and I triped on my own feet falling to the ground, landing on the girl. I jumped up when i realized that she could wake up any moment and tried to pick her back up, but my legs and arms were still sore. I sat down on the ground, taking a break. I looked up into the clear sky, remembering that I had just been up there. I watched the sun move across the sky intill I heard a small wimper come from the girl, bringing me back into reality. She opened her eyes and looked at me, getting up as fast as she could when she realized who I was.
"You have the nerve to sit around me!" She said. " I'm going to kill your punk little ass!" She said holding up her fist, trying to turn it into metal, but it wouldn't work. She Grabed my collar and pulled me onto my feet, but I was too tired to deal with any of that. "Huh! Not even going to say anything?! Where are we!"
"The plane crashed, remember." I said.
"Then where is the recage, what did you do?!" She asked.
"I was trying to get you to a hospital." I answered.
"Why?!" She asked, tightening her grip.
"Oh, I don't know, maybe so you wouldn't die?" I said sarcasticly.
"Psh, yeah right! I'm just glad I woke up befor you got to do what ever you were- crap!" She said, dropping me and grabbing her arm.
"You still need to get to the hospital." I told her.
"Don't patronize me!" She said. 
"The hospital is only a little further." I said.
"I don't need a hospital. I'm fine- and it's none of your business anyways!" She said.  I stood up. "And I'm still going to kill you!"
"You can't do anything in the condition your in." I said. 
"You wanna bet!"
"We'll then, you can stay here." I said, heading for the city.
"I'm not going to let you escape!" She said.
"Then come hunt me down. I'll be in the hospital." I said continuing to walk. I got a little ways befor she came running up to me.
"You crashed the plane didn't you?!" She asked .
"Why would I do that." I asked.
"To kill me!" She answered.
"So I have the power to crash planes but not to take one person down, huh? Speaking of what are you how can you Change into metal?!"
"Your joking right? I'm a northern gate Keeper, obviously."
"What's that supposed to mean?!" I asked.
"You're an idiot. You're telling me you don't know what the keepers of the underworld are?!"
"Underworld?! Of course I dont!"I told her.
"Show me see your tatoo." She demanded.
"The thing on my shoulder?" I asked.
"It'll look kinda like mine." She said. I pulled down the collar of my shirt around my shoulder to show her."So you're a southern one huh? That means fire." She told me.
"Are you telling me I can control fire?!" I asked.
"In some form." She said."Now let's get going. It's a long walk to the city." We began to walk again. Heading for the city. The walk to there was completely silent. When we arived we realized that neither of us knew where the hospital was." well? Where is it?" She asked.
"I don't know."I shrugged.
"So how are we supposed to go there?!"She asked.
"Ask someone I guess." I said. 
"Your stupid!" She said.
"Well then you find it!" I told her.
"I could still kill you!" She said. I ignored her threat and walked over to a civilian.
"Excuse me, do you know where the hospital is?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's just that way." He said glancing back at the girl."Would you like me to take you there?"
"No,we're fine." I said walking twords the hospital. Once the girl and I entered the hospital we walked up to the receptionist. 
"What's your emergency." The receptionist asked.
"This girl has been injured. " I replied.
"Name." She asked.
"Valentine Steen." The girl replied.
"Age" The receptionist asked.
"Sixteen." Valentine answered.
"Come with me, and you stay here." The receptionist said to me. I sat in the waiting area. I looked up at the tv. It had no sound and all it was playing was sports, so I didn't realy care. At first all was quiet, but then, there was this faint ringing sound. At first it was just a little annoying, but then it grew louder. The baby across from me started to cry. The sound grew loader and loader until it was completely unbearable. I put my hands over my ears but the sound was still getting through. The windows and the TV shattered but the sound still grew. A gust of wind threw the chairs aswell as the people across the room and against the wall. I slammed against the wall and fell onto the glass shards. The door opened and a white haired boy entered, resembling Valentine.
"There you are Ace, it looks like my stupid sister can't get anything done." He said, looking at me.

The End

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