Heading to the rooftopMature

I need information. Looking around at the all the corpses I also realise I probably need a large gu and lots of ammo. But failing that I need to know what's going on! How bad is it out there?


My car's outside. it's a crappy little micra but it'll get me out of here as long as the streets aren't filled with zombies. or is it too late and our guests here came here to eat after a long day's killing? Is the entire town heading my way for roast beef and yorkshire puds?


I need to know!

I try peering out of the windows but cant see past the cheap potted plants that line the outside of the place. I need to go high...the roof.


The bulding is single storey but there's a a way out onto the roof via a skylight in the kitchen.

I step over the restaurant manager, who's currently taking a nap with a hole in his neck, and head to the kitchen.

5 minutes and 3 bruises later i've managed to wriggle onto the roof. Delicately i climb to the top and look out at a scene that can only be described as apocalyptic..




The End

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