Rooftop RendezvousMature

No survivors in here, but outside maybe.....

I hurry over to the doors to the restaurant and shut them, locking all three locks. The door's a large thick oak affair, small windows in it but nothing a human could fit through,. Should be pretty strong. I think about barricading the door but then decide against it - if the undead come through the windows, i may have to open the door in a hurry.


The windows... a quick check confirms they're all closed and locked. I'm sealed in, hopefully safe. But the big question - will help arrive? Guess that depends on how widespread this mess is. Over the small bar there's a tv. A small cathode tube thing but it'll do. I turn it on and start flicking through the channels.... Weakest Link, Golf, Some religious program, Desperate Housewives, A foreign movie....and that's it. Hiehgt of technology this place. But worryngly no mention of zombies. Which one knows about us yet!


So what the hell do i do now?


The End

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