Chapter 2Mature

The dead womans body wasn't the only one that was in the kitchen. There were others, most he recognised as customers and a few of his fellow team mates, all dead.

Most of the dead had knives stuck in them, like his kitchen buddies had tried to stop the onslaught of customers.

Was the beef really that dry?

Customers could be a pain in the ass at times, if only they knew what went into the making of food, they'd be probably be a little more sympathetic.

Alex knew for real what this was. A fucking zombie movie, and he was in it.

Oh yeah, Alex knew all about zombies. He'd played the survival horror video games, read the books, even written a few stories himself that he posted online.

A pan of beschamel sauce burned away on the stove and Alex turned off the gas, and slung the pan into the sink and turned the tap on. The steam hissed and he took a step back as the water ran onto the burnt pan.

The body of the head chef was slumped next to the sink, the female customer he'd stabbed in the eye with the cooks knife had been clawing at his throat and his cracked skull.

Dawn of the fucking dead in a shitty kitchen resturant. Who would have thought? At least there were weapons, and food! No survivors though. It looked like it had been a stalemate between the resturant and the undead, judging from the equally fatal wounds sustained by both parties.

He also noticed that Janine, the hot waitress was dead. She was flopped over the hot plate, drying up like that shitty beef. He turned the lights off so as to stop her corpse from smouldering. The heat and the smell of flesh blood was already attracting flies.


Alex looked again at the cracked skull of the head chef and  wondered if the zombie could have made it easier by using a melon baller....



The End

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